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Suddenly 30 poppular apps are removed by play store , these apps contains a millions and thousands of downloads.

Removed by Google play store officialy | Recent Infos

Reason Behind app removed By Google Play Store - ( List of apps below )

According to a report these 30 apps contain a malware in itself . These apps provides too many ads to user which is illegal . According to officials they redirect users to the ads link without getting any click . If you are using any app of them then remove it from your phone or it can effect your device

List Of 30 Camera Apps Removed By play Store

Lite Beauty camera - 1 Million Downloads
Selfi Beauty Camera Pro - 1 Million Downloads
Elegant Beauty Cam -2019 - 50 k Downloads
Solu Camera - 500k Downloads 
Yoriko Camera - 100k Downloads 
Gaty Beaty Camera - 500k Downloads 
Beauty Collage Lite - 500k Downloads 
Photo Collage and Beauty Camera - 100k Downloads
Beauty and Filter Camera - 1 Million Downloads 
Pand Selfi Beauty Camera - 50 k Downloads
Cartoo Photo Editor And Selife Beauty Camera -1 Million Downloads
Benbu Seilfe Beauty Camera - 1 Million Downloads 
Selife Beauty Camera and Photo Editorb - 100k Download 
Mood Photo Editor And Selife Beauty Camera- 500k Downloads
Rose Photo Editor And Selife Beauty Camera- 1 Millon Downloads 
Pinut Selife Beauty And Photo Editor - 1 Million Downloads
Fog Selife Beauty Camera - 100k Downloads 
First Selife Beauty Camera and photo Editor - 5 Million Download
Vanu Selife Beauty Camera -100k Downloads 
Funny Sweet Beauty Camera - 500k Downloads 
Sun Pro Beauty Camera - 1 Million Downloads
Little Bee Beauty Camera - 1 Millions Downloads 
Beauty Camera And Photo Editor Pro - 1 Million Downloads
Grass Beauty Camera - 1 Million Downloads
Flower Beauty Camera - 100k Downloads 
Ele Beauty Camera - 1 Million Download
Best Selife Beauty Camera - 1 Million Downloads
Orange Camera - 500k Downloads 
Sunny Beauty Camera - 1 Million Downloads
Pro Selife Beauty Camera - 500k Downloads

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