Due to reduction in the rate of test of corona virus, the general public will get benefit, now people have to pay Less money to test their corona.

Corona test costs reduced in Haryana, Now corona test will be in less money

The Haryana government released that now people have to pay only 2400 rupees for the covid-19 test. Earlier its rates in Haryana were up to 4500 -

Which has been set by the Haryana government. However, the corona test will be free in government hospitals and medical colleges. The Haryana government took the decision in view of the general public, now they will get a big relief. In fact, it was very expensive to test the corona in private labs, which is now scheduled by the government. The total number of private labs in Haryana is 7, which is approved by the ICMRC. This decision has been taken keeping in mind Labo. There are a total of 15 government labs functioning in Haryana, which are operational in different hospitals and medical colleges.

Continous Increased cases of corona in Haryana -

The cases of corona in Haryana are increasing steadily, which reached beyond 9500 on 20 June 2020. Looking at the rising data, it seems that on June 21, 2020, it will reach 10,000. Seeing that Harayana Goverment and the rest of the states have stopped the arrival of roadways for some time.

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