Whatsapp web is a online version of whatsapp application . Whatsapp web is not a software or any apk , whatsapp web is a online website of Whatsapp . It is Build by officials team for the peoples who mostly busy in pc or laptop for their work to connect with there family while doing work . 

How To Upload Status On whatsapp Web

How to use Whatsapp Web -

1. How To Upload Status On whatsapp Web -

Whatsapp web allow you to share your status . this feature is avilable for all the whatsapp web version of pc ad windows.

2. Login to Whatsapp Web --

Go to whatsapp web online and open whatsapp application in your mobile . Next - Go to settings and click on Whatsapp Web.

Scan the QR code with your phone camera and you will automatically login to your whatsapp account on your pc or laptop.
3. How to chat on Whatsapp Web -
Click on your any contact and start typing by your keybord . To send massege press enter on your keybored . whatsapp web
4. How to change Display picture on Whatsapp Web --
click on your profile and follow same method - click on edit sign 
select your image 
upload it from your Storage 

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