After India, US may also look at banning China

Is Tiktok Going to Ban in china ?

NEW DELHI: The pushback against China's aggressive moves against its neighbours seems to be gathering steam with countries just like the US watching economic measures to influence Beijing to rethink its steps.

On Monday, every week after India banned 59 Chinese apps, including the favored short-form video platform TikTok, US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo hinted that the US can also consider a similar move. In an interview to Fox News late on Monday, Pompeo said he and President Donald Trump were taking a serious look at the matter.

“We are taking this very seriously and that we are certainly watching it. We have worked on this very issue for an extended time," said Pompeo, who had last week hailed India’s move saying that the Chinese apps could function appendages of Chinese Communist Party’s surveillance state. India’s cleaning app approach will be the reason to boost India’s sover eignty and boost integrity and national security system," Pompeo the Amrican expert Minister had said.

The remarks come at a time when US-China relations are severely strained thanks to the latter’s handling of the coronavirus outbreak, an extended standing trade-war, and China’s actions in Hong Kong . They also come at a time when India and China have just taken the primary steps during a long process of reducing tensions along the border in Ladakh after a two-month of tense standoff.

China has also been making moves to say the body of water of Vietnam and Malaysia within the South China Sea. Beijing has built artificial islands within the South China a bid to increase its control of waters around those islands.

In the interview, Pompeo said didn't have details of the US’s plans to embargo the apps but he warned that folks should download them only "if you would like your private information within the hands of the Chinese Communist Party ."

US lawmakers have within the past expressed concerns about Chinese apps — especially TikTok’s handling of user data — also as Chinese laws that need domestic companies to cooperate with the intelligence worked to controlled by the Chinese Communist Party means Chinese Goverment .

The US has quite 30 million active users of TikTok or about 5% of the app’s global audience, consistent with news reports. It was also the highest non-game app downloaded within the US in February 2019.
In its response to the Indian ban, TikTok owner ByteDance had said the corporate has taken steps to distance itself from China to appeal to a more global audience. Chief military officer of TikTok Kevin Mayer had been quoted as saying that while China has not asked for any user data, the corporate won't provide it even if it was sought.
In a separate statement on Monday, Pompeo slammed Beijing for passing a replacement security law for Hong Kong . "The Chinese Communist Party (CCP)'s destruction of free Hong Kong continues," Pompeo said during a sharply worded statement posted on the US state department websitee
Last week, the Congress passed new sanctions targeting banks over violations of Hong Kong's autonomy, AFP press agency reported. This act may punishe banks -including blocking loans from US institutions and other- if they conduct "significant transactions" with violators of Hong Kong's autonomy. President Trump is expected to sign the legislation soon.

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