Hi, Rohan is Here. I love trading  on Amazon stocks and Amazon options. I also feel the amazon stock is going to split soon and i'm not alone.

Amazon stocks Splits Why I Believe in Amazon Stock Will Split , Amazon Stock Price

amazon stocks Price , splits and How much iPrice cost

 The truth is no one knows what Jeff Bezos is thinking. There have been countless  videos and tv shows on CNBC, on Youtube, on Forbes, on Market Watch.Everyone is throwing in their opinion about when Amazon will split but so far everyone has been wrong. For this reason i'm going to throw out my opinion today and why i would love to see an Amazon stock split. So Amazon stock ispriced near $2700 per share, making it one of the mostex pensive stocks in the s&P 500.

Why do i believe astock split is coming?

Well i'm going to bet on the ego of Jeff Bezos and a big milestone coming in the stock market. Here's my prediction. I believe Amazon stocks will continue to rise this year based on its incredible business model and the over whelming state of the retail apocalypse. The company is going to continue to see expansion as other companies go under and Amazon is right there to fill the void.

What does any of this have to do with Jeff Bezos and an amazon stocks split?

 Well back in 2017 when Amazon first hit $1,000 per share, Jeff Bezos said this, "We don't have any plans to do this at this point but we'll continue to look at that , In other words, we are not going to split any time soon. Keep in mind stock splits have fallen out of favor over the last 20 years.They have been replaced by the ego and power of a high share price, but that was three years ago and Amazon stocks is rapidly approaching $3,000 per share, meaning that just 100 shares would cost $300,000 and Jeff Bezos has a new prizeon the horizon. No it's not share price! It's the bragging rights of being the first of his big competitors to hit a $2 Trillion market cap.

how is Amazon stocks going to hita $2 Trillion market cap?

 Well based on Amazon's 498 million shares and a share price of $4,025 per share, Amazon would hit a $2 Trillion market cap. I have to think this would be a big deal for amazon stocks and for Jeff Bezos. Here's how i think they get there.We all know that with high flyers like Amazon, Tesla and Netflix, when they announce a stock split there is a lot of excitement and the stocks tend to rallybefore the stock actually splits. I believe if Amazon waits until the shareprice is closer to $3,500 and then they announce a stock split, i believe the stock willrally 15% to 20%, pushing the stock closer to a $2 Trillion market cap. I believe Jeff Bezos is willing to giveup some of the share price in order to reach the milestone of a $2 Trillion market cap. Remember this if thestock is trading near $4,000 a share, and it does a 2 for 1 stock split, it'll still be trading at $2,000 a share. Making it a very expensive stock. How do we get to these lofty prices in the first place? Amazon is already trading near $2,700 per share, so a move to $3,500 is just a 29% increase in the stock price, at a time when Amazon's stocks business is firing on all cylinders and they're continuing to take market share from businesses that are going under. The trend is likely to continue.Amazon has increased $800 Million a share just this year. Okay enough about my predictions on Amazon. Now i'm going to talk about my selfish reasons for why i want to see Amazon split. As an options trader, I like what i call the "Volatility Straddle", simply selling a call and selling a put at the same strike price, at a price higher than where the stock is currently trading.

I like to do this trade when volatility is high. For instance, when the market has fear orafter a bad earnings report. This is a great way to take a position in a stock and then make money as the price of the stock goes higher or as volatility drops. By the way, this can be a risky options trade, so if you're new to options be careful! I did this trade on Apple stock (AAPL) a few months ago, when everything was dropping. It allowed me to trade it several times and make fast profits. I avoided this trade with Amazon options simply because of the share price. I don't want that much money tied up in a single trade.So in my dream world if Amazon were trading at $500 a share 100 shares would cost $50,000, instead of the almost $300,000 today. Since I do trades that involve hedging with the stock or at least being willing to buy the stock, this would make me very happy. My guess is that Amazon is going a lot higher over the next 10 years as they continue to dominate and take over sectors, as they have done in the past. Many of you know I do a lot of videos on real estate investing, so I think Amazon should buy Zillow and become one of the biggest real estate and mortgage companies. Zillow is a small $12 Billion dollar company, mere pocket change for Amazon stocks , but more about this in a future video. 
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Amazon Stock Price Pridoction , compare with Netflix and xilinx-

Amazon Stocks Price , splits and How much Price cost
Amazon Stock Price , splits and How much Price cost

Here are a portion of the top late morning tech movers for Monday, July 6, 2020. Stocks rose by and large, with the tech-substantial Nasdaq record exchanging of  at intraday highs on Monday. 

Portions of Amazon rose 4.8% to $3029.07, denoting another high, on proceeded with bullish opinion for the internet business and cloud monster. Various Wall Street experts have updated the stock lately in the midst of rising appropriation of online business. In an ongoing note, Deutsche Bank recognized Amazon as the "reasonable champ" from COVID-related disturbances, and composed that purchasers are probably going to keep shopping on Amazon at elevated levels considerably after lockdowns ease. Amazon shares  have increased 59% year to date. 

Spilling mammoth Netflix rose 4.3% to $497.35, approaching the $500 mark just because, in the midst of the proceeded with spread of COVID-19 diseases in the U.S. Furthermore, somewhere else. Royal Capital examiner David Miller cut his rating on the stock from outflank to unbiased, confirming a value focus of $489, refering to the stock's half ascent this year generally attributable to COVID-19. Be that as it may, he likewise noticed the organization's solid situating in gushing media, and absence of presentation to "any benefits in the media segment under common danger, for example, link systems, nor resources straightforwardly influenced by COVID-19, for example, amusement parks or cinemas." 

Chipmaker Xilinx rose 7.17% to $101.12 on Monday. Goldman Sachs examiners repeated a Buy rating on shares and a value focus of $113, taking note of the organization's expanded end-showcase blend. A week ago, the organization raised its income figure for its quarter finishing June 27 to between $720 million to $734 million, up from earlier direction of between $660 million to $720 million. 

Offers eBay rose 3.64% to $56.34 on Monday. The web based business firm got a lift a week ago on reports that it might sell its ordered division. CNBC revealed a week ago that eBay has gotten in any event three offers for the business, and that an arrangement could experience this month. 

Portions of Twitter rose 5.25% to $32.49 as of late morning Monday. Portions of Twitter are generally level year to date, with the organization announcing higher commitment in the midst of COVID-19 lockdowns, however with the moves uncertainly affecting the organization's promoting business. 

How much does it cost to buy amazon stocks ?

On February 9, during the securities exchange's mid 2016 droop, portions of Amazon.Com (image AMZN) shut at $482.07. The following day Kiplinger's prescribed Amazon in Best FANG Stocks to Buy Before They Rebound. In only four months since the stock hit base, Amazon shares have flooded 51%, to $726.64, giving the Internet retailing mammoth a market capitalization of $343 billion, or 55% more than the market top of Wal-Mart Stores (WMT), the world's biggest physical chain, despite the fact that Wal-Mart's deals are multiple occasions more prominent than Amazon's. On the other hand, you shouldn't pummel yourself for passing on the February fire deal. All things considered, amazon stock, an organization that has lost cash in two of the previous four schedule years, is a riddle for speculators. In spite of the fact that Amazon keeps on developing quickly—investigators anticipate that incomes should extend at a 20% yearly clasp through 2018—does an organization that experiences so much difficulty keeping its primary concern operating at a profit truly have the right to exchange at multiple times assessed year-ahead profit?
Indeed, even in great years, Amazon isn't especially beneficial. In 2015 the organization's working edge (working salary profit by income) was simply 2.1%—and that amazon stock irrelevant figure denoted a five-year high. Somewhat, low net revenues are intrinsic when maintaining a retail business that contends forcefully on cost. In any case, Amazon's edges likewise mirror its huge picture methodology of making colossal interests so as to rapidly guarantee an area in the quickly growing scenes of online business and distributed computing. In 2014, for instance, Amazon lost $0.52 an offer as it made enormous uses on media content, new distribution centers and Fire TV, Amazon's crate top gushing gadget. That year the organization additionally cut costs for its distributed computing clients to win piece of the pie.
But, anyway much Amazon's outcomes may irritate speculators, its development prospects never neglect to astonish. A lot of development potential positively stays for the center retail business, where Amazon keeps on winning business away from customary retailers. For amazon stock instance, Amazon Prime participation—a key part for future development since Prime individuals spend substantially more than different clients—extended by 51% in 2015 from the earlier year. In any case, the juiciest development expected lies at Amazon Web Services (AWS), the distributed computing business. "You can get naive" considering AWS's development possibilities, says Justin White, supervisor of T. Rowe Price New America Growth, which finally report had 9% of its benefits in Amazon shares.
Amazon is the undisputed market pioneer in distributed computing, in which merchants give framework or figuring stages as a help to clients, and clients get to their information, stockpiling and servers over the Internet. White says it very well may be hard to get a grip on precisely how enormous the market is or precisely how quick it's developing, on the grounds that numerous organizations guarantee to offer distributed computing administrations yet rather truly sell programming or other auxiliary items. amazon stock

Be that as it may, AWS's outcomes recount to an unmistakable story: Business is blasting. The unit's first-quarter working income of $604 million were multiple occasions more noteworthy than benefits in a similar period a year sooner. Additionally, amazon stock ,AWS's first-quarter working net revenue of 23.5% gave an invite lift to Amazon's general edge.

It may be the case that AWS is the benefit machine that will at long last move the organization to predictable income development. There are additionally motivations to accept the center retail business is turning a corner on benefit, as interests in coordinations and framework begin to pay off. Amazon has been putting resources into new satisfaction communities—so far in 2016 it has declared designs for 10 new focuses in the U.S.— which lessens dispatching costs. In March, Amazon initiated its own air armada, with an arrangement to rent 20 Boeing 767s, a move that should additionally decrease dispatching costs as the organization can depend less on outside bearers, for example, United Parcel Service. What's more, practically half of units sold on the Amazon commercial center presently originate from outsiders, which ought to give a lift as such deals are normally more productive than in-house deals, says Victor Anthony, an expert with Axiom Capital Management, a speculation banking firm situated in New York City. 
amazon stocks Putting each one of those and other positive factors together, Anthony accepts the center retail business could accomplish two be fold digit-rate overall revenues inside the following two years. -
Be that as it may, regardless of whether benefits walk consistently upward starting now and into the foreseeable future, esteeming the organization on a value income premise despite everything looks Pollyannaish. Experts on normal expect profit per offer to develop by a strong 56% every year through 2018. Be that as it may, in any event, looking at Amazon's present stock cost against assessed 2018 profit of $16.66 per share yields a P/E proportion of 44. Also, obviously, assessing income quite a long while ahead of time is particularly precarious for an organization with a main concern as difficult to foresee as Amazon's. -
CEO Jeff Bezos has said that rather than benefits he likes to concentrate on free income, a proportion of how much money the business produces subsequent to representing capital uses, since "that is something that financial specialists can spend." So, maybe speculators attempting to esteem the organization ought to do likewise. R. J. Hottovy, an investigator with Morningstar, utilizes a projection of Amazon's sans future income to show up at a current reasonable worth gauge of $800 per share. Hottovy's sticker amazon stock price lays on the suspicion that companywide working edges could extend to 7.6% throughout the following five years—an increasingly preservationist, yet potentially more sensible evaluation than Anthony's standpoint—
 considering in cost reserve funds at the retail business and proceeded with development at AWS. 
On Hottovy's gauge Amazon is about 10% underestimated. Purchasing the stock at the present value in this manner gives some edge of wellbeing. However 
, that edge could demonstrate excessively dainty if benefits somehow managed to take an unexpected crash, which may occur if Amazon somehow managed to turn on the spending nozzle once more. If that somehow managed to happen, disappointed financial specialists could rebuff the stock. 

Then again, in a couple of years $800 may resemble a deal. White accepts the stock could reach $2,000 in the following four to five years as AWS develops to be significantly more important than the center retail business.amazon stock All things considered, he doesn't figure the way to $2,000 will essentially be a smooth one 
amazon stocks. "This is the kind of stock that you purchase and don't consider," White says. "Own it for the following 10 to 20 years." 

Bezos would concur. As he put it in a now-well known 1997 letter to investors, "It's everything about the long haul."

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