Pubg Mobile team is preparing to Launch the 'Pubg Mobile  New Update' 0.19.0 on tuesday 7 July 2020. This update is coming to android and ios users In the Pubg Global Version except Chiness version. In the Livik Map Players can enjoy a 15 minute gameplay in which they ca kills mummys and snakes in the piramid temple . 

'Pubg Mobile New Update' On Livik Map -

'Pubg Mobile new update' coming today on 7 July 2020 - Livik Map

Pubg Mobie Update 0.19.0 update size on 7 July.

Pubg Corporation announced to launch new map named Livik Map on 7 July 2020. The Update size in android for the new map is 884MB and in Ios this update will charge you more than 1 GB mObile data. After the size of Pubg Mobile for android wll become 1.8 Gb and for ios it will become 2.5 Gb . The size after update can be seen diffrent in your device little bit.

About Livik Map-

Since mummies are involved within the gameplay, PUBG Mobile will add pyramids also . The players will found three pyramids on the map. They are required to go to each of those locations to seek out huge structures that look very almost like the Mayan and Aztec pyramids. Once the players manage to enter the situation , the upper section of the build are going to be detached and begin floating within the air. PUBG Mobile will throw players into differing types of minigames because the pyramids begin . Upon solving a puzzle in these mini-games, a loot chest are going to be opened and a message saying the player has been cursed will appear on the screen. While the items sound quite easy up so far , the challenge is yet to return . Once the users complete the minigames, a special room will open where the players need to complete a boss fight. However, the challenge remains relatively easy and therefore the timing of the challenge totally depends on the player’s ability to shoot. Upon completing the boss fight, the players will face against a boss mummy which will suddenly appear within the centre of the space guarded by several cobra snakes. The players got to take care of the cobra snakes as they damage the health upon contact. As for the mother , the player can shoot at it from one direction and defeat her. The room also gets a few of round pads, which may be wont to refill the health bar for the users. However, the players got to confirm all the snakes are killed before they struggle to run towards the pads. PUBG Mobile players will win a loot chest filled with Level 3 gears once they manage to kill the boss mummy. Additionally, the users also will get some unique items like 8x scope, adrenaline syringe and rare weapons for further gameplay.
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