After Pubg Ban in India, Akshay Kumar announce to launch Fau-g Made in India game


Faug new game | Akshay kumar new game faug
Faug new game | Akshay kumar new game fau-g

After the two days of Government announce to 'ban Pubg Mobile' in India 'Akshay Kumar' announce a New game Named FAU-G ( faug ) which is also a multiplayer game based o the Gun Fight . As Akshay Kumar posted on Instagram , Twitter and facebook that the 20%  net Revenue of the game will donated to 'Bharat Ke Veer Trust' and Shows his full support to 'AtmaNirbhar Bharat ' . Faug is a Fully made in India Game devloped by 'Ncore Games' Which is an Indian Game Company .

After the Government Announce to ban Pubg Mobile with 117 other apps and Games a new game in market is here named ad Faug . Faug game is going to be the biggest Riveal of the Pubg Mobile , Release of Faug Game will we seen Very soon . According to Some news Faug Game may release till the end of October 2020 , Players may enjoy the beta version till October 2020  and enjoy the Multiplayer game Faug.

Why Pubg Mobile Get Banned In India ?

As you know , India and China having troubles on Border therefore India is trying to keep safe their Information from the Cyber attacks . So, they decide to ban those apps and games which are connected with China and having a huge fan base In India . Pubg Mobile is a Korean game but it also have 10% shares with Tancent which is a Chinese company and China have power to get Information of Indian Users from Tancent .  So , to keep safe Indian users private Informations Indian Government decides to ban Chinese apps and games . A long time ago Goverment also ban Tiktok and 59 other apps for the International security Reason . 

Can Pubg Mobile Get Unban In India ?

There is 50% chance that Pubg Mobile get Un-ban India as Bluehole already gave their reply that they are talking to the government of India and trying to solve this problem . Pubg Mobile corpration is concerting Indian government the Data of Indian Users are safe and which is not shared with Chinese Government  . But the decision of Unban is only take by The Indian Government . Indian Government ask many question to the Pubg Mobile corps if their answers satisfied the Indian Government then the chance of Unban of Pubg Mobile May Increases.

About nCore Games

nCore Game is a India's Mobile game Devloping Company which is co-Founded by Vishal Gondal . nCore games company is situated in Bangalore India. ncroe games mostly devlopes Multiplayer games in India . 

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