Airtel Customer care number (no.) ,DTH ,Broadband ,Prepaid

Airtel customer care and Airtel dish tv support is main for the airtel customers beacuse on Helpline numbers and helpline services can help them towards their problem while using Airtel Products.Airtel has become the second company to use telecom in India today, due to which its customer has also increased significantly. As the customer grows, the need for customer service is also large, so today most customers need customer service. In view of all these difficulties, Airtel company has prepared through many customer service, mobile number and email has also been provided to Airtel customer service for quotation, due to which Airtel customers can now talk to the employees of Airtel and remove their difficulties.

    Airtel Customer care Phone number , Airtel dish tv support
    Airtel Customer care Phone number , Airtel dish tv support

    Airtel Prepaid and Postpaid Customer Care

    To contact with the Airtel customer service for prepaid and postpaid plans , problems, Knowledge etc use the following way :

    Airtel Broadband Customer Care

    To contact with Airtel broadband customer care just dial 121 with Your Landline . If You want to contact with your Registerd Mobile Number dial or call the mobile numbers listed below according to States of India . Airtel provides different numbers for different states so customers can talk in Hometown language from their states.

    Airtel Broadband Customer Care : According to states

    State Airtel Broadband Customer care Number
    Delhi (011) 44444121
    Madhya Pradesh & Chhattisgarh (0755) 4444121
    Uttar Pradesh (0522) 4444121
    Karnataka (080) 44444121
    Punjab (0172) 4444121
    Orissa (033) 44444121
    Rajasthan (0141) 4444121
    Andhra Pradesh (040) 44444121
    Mumbai (022) 44444121
    Gujarat (079) 44444121
    Haryana (0124) 4444121
    North East (033) 44444121
    Kerala (0484) 4444121
    Tamil Nadu (044) 44444121
    WB( West Bangal) (033) 44444121
    Bihar & Jharkhand (033) 44444121
    Jammu & Kashmir (0172) 4444121
    Assam (033) 44444121
    Himachal Pradesh (0172) 4444121
    Maharashtra (020) 44444121

    Airtel DTH Support

    Airtel dth or dish tv support is easy to take by just calling on 12150 from your registered mobile Number . If you want to contact with your state customer service of Airtel just call on the Number listed below according to states . You can talk in your language like Punjabi ,  Marathi , English etc with Customer care services according to states.

    Airtel dth( dish tv ) Customer Care : According to States

    State Airtel Dish tv Customer care Number
    Delhi 011 44448080
    Madhya Pradesh & Chhattisgarh 0755 4448080
    Uttar Pradesh 0522 4448080
    Karnataka 080 44448080
    Punjab 0172 4448080
    Orissa 07077448080
    Rajasthan 0141 4448080
    Andhra Pradesh 040 44448080
    Mumbai 022 44448080
    Gujarat 079 44448080
    Haryana 0124 4448080
    North East 08132948080
    Kerala 0484 4448080
    Tamil Nadu 044 44448080
    WB( West Bangal) 033 44448080
    Bihar & Jharkhand 09955148080
    Jammu & Kashmir 09596748080
    Assam 08133848080
    Himachal Pradesh 08628048080
    Maharashtra 020 44448080

    How to Talk With Airtel Customer Care ?

    If you want to talk with airtel customer care regarding any service like broadband , dth ,Prepaid and Postpaid there are diffrent Number for all :
    • Dth : 12150
    • Prepaid and Postpaid : 121 For support and 198 For Complain
    • Broadband: 121 with Lanline or State Wise Number 

    How can i Talk to Airtel Customer Care Executive?

    To contact or talk with airtel customer care executive just dial 121 With Your Registered Airtel Mobile Number.

    Disclaimer : All of these Contact Information are taken from Airtel Official Website and If you find any Number wrong then Please Inform us in the comment Section . TO get More Informations you can also visit to Airtel Official Contact Us Page Airtel Contact Us Page.

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