Cosmic Byte GS410 Headphones Review

Cosmic Byte  GS410 Headphones Reviews: All of you are looking for a good headphones for gaming then cosmic byte  gs10 headphones are the best choice that you can make under 1000  . Cosmic is well known brand in India for selling gaming headsets and also have a quality headphones for Music Lover . You may like to wear headphone while watching your favourite Gaming Streamers . 

Cosmic Byte  GS410 Headphones Review

Also Cosmic Headphone are best and worth to buy headphone under 1500and 1000. Gs410 are most popular variant of Cosmic Byte Headphones for gaming like Pubg and Freefire. Most of the users use Cosmic byte Gs410 Headphones to play Pubg Mobile.

Cosmic Byte GS410 Headphones Review

Cosmic Byte comes with a 3.5mm Headphone jack with wired connectivity . After use of 1 month i found Cosmic byte Gs410 headphones best for gaming under 1000INR in in India. The color combination of these headphones gives you premium look like an expensive Headphones in India. I use these Headphones for games like Pubg , Freefire and Call of duty . Performance of these headphones are best while gaming and listening music in Mobile beacause of 3.5mm wired connectivity which mainly comes for Mobile. But when i goes for the Pc games these headphones are not better but have a great quality under 1000 rupees . In this price segment we can only expect a low performance by the processor but these Cosmic Byte GS410 Headphones gives an average performance which is its good thing and makes it a 5 star rates and best headphones under 1000

Cosmic Byte GS410 Quality Review 

When it comes to quality these are the best headphones but also have some disadvantages like its sound quality is not comparable with expensive Headphones . But sound quality of cosmic byte gs410 headphones are better then the wired buds and airpod in its Price range . Cosmic byte gs410 headphones are worth to buy in the price range of 1000 rupees .

Advantages of Cosmic Byte Gs410 Headphones

  • Cosmic Byte gs410 Gives you Premium quality at the cheapest price of 1000₹.
  • it comes with a use able Audio & Microphone connector for use in both PC or Mobile .
  • RGB ( Red Gaming Colour) colors give you the best gaming experience.
  • It has colorfull volume +/- and microphone on/off switch inbuilt with a cool look.
  • Sound quality is the best part of this price range. this is a gaming headset don’t compare this with high bass headphones for songs. I use this for playing PUBG Mobile and it’s a great feeling when you can find the enemy by listening to the footsteps.

Conclusion : Cosmic Byte is Very good and usefull headphones under 1000 ruppes for gaming and music listening . However you may face some problem with these headphones while playing pc games and watching videos on pc . Beacuse it is most suitable for mobile and mobile gaming like Pubg Mobile. At the end these headphones are worth to buy Under 1000 .

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