Are you looking for a good hosting provider to have good experiance for your Website users?, Which hosting provider can handle a million of views a month?, best hosting provider to handler thousands of realtime viewers?, Confused in buying hosting?

If you have any any question related above quries then this post is for you . I personaly know that how much hosting matter in ranking and user experiance . So I am giving you the best two hosting provider name and details where you can get best experiance for your user base .

This post is devided into three parts on the bases of how much traffic can a hosting can handle.
1.Best Hosting which can handle upto 1,00,000 Views a Month.
2.Best Hosting which can handle upto 5,00,000 Views a month.
3.Best Hosting which handle more than 1 Million views per month easily and upto 10 Million views easily.

Best Hosting Provider to handle upto 1,00,000 Views per month.

If we are talking upto only 100k or 1,00,000 Views a month on a Website then you can go on any cheap hosting ( don"t use expensive hosting for 1,00,000 views) providers beacuse all of the hosting can handle upto 1,00,000 views a month except free or reseller hosting providers . You can go with the basic plans of the hosting that I would recommend:


If you have a goal of 1,00,000 views then definetly go for hostinger which provides you best service in you budget and fit to your pocket in its premium and buisness plans you will also get Free .com .net .in domain and lifetime ssl for free. 

Hostinger is best for bigginers due to its cheap prices . You will get 24/7 suppport from hosting provider, custom interface named as hpanel which is better than cPanel

Best Hosting Provider to handle upto 5,00,000 Views per month.

To handle handle a traffic of 0.5 Million or 5,00,000 per month go for hostinger and select higher plans of the hostinger. Hostinger will fit in your budget beacuse it is not too expensive , you can buy premium or business shared hosting plans of hostinger to handle upto 5,00,000 views per month.
Hostinger upper plans liker business shared hosting plan,cloud hosting and vps hosting can easily handle upto 5 lakh views per month and you nedd to optimize you website or blog images.

Best Hosting Provider to handle more than 1 Million views per month.

If you are looking for big and having visitors of 1 million or more than one million per month then you should go for cloudways with digital ocean servers. It is the best hosting provider for high speed website, 100% uptime, pay as much you use, etc.
Cloudways is managed cloud hosting provider in cheap prices with the servers of digitalocean, vultr, google cloud , kinsta , and aws. 
I would recomment you should choose digitalocea  server beacuse it is much cheaper and best in terms of hosting and handle as much traffic you want .

 If you have a smaller plan of cloudways and want its bigger plan them it is also very simple just click on Increase your droplet and your server become large as you want and make your dream success.

Cloudways with digitalocean server can handler more than 3000 realtime viewer at a time if you have its 4Gb of Ram of Higher plan which is too impressiver beacuse no hosting will give you fecility like this.


1. How much realtime traffic can hostinger shared hosting can handle?
It totaly depends upon the plan you chose of hostinger shared hosting . If you have Premium or business plan then it can handle upto 400-500 realtime viewer .

2. How much realtime traffic can cloudways hosting can handle?
If you have 4 Gb+ sever with digitalocean on cloudways than it can handle more than 2500 users at a time, but if you haver lesser than 4Gb server than you can except 1500-2000 realtime user . 
Moreover it depends on your optimizations, page size, website speed, content, etc.

3. Which hosting is best in India?
If you are a bigginer than you should go for hostinger and if you already achive more than 1 Million views than go for cloudways.

4. Which is better cloudways or Hostinger?
If I talk about overall than cloudways is the best and impressive hosting provider in the world in the budget.

5. Is cloudways allow to use wordpress?
Yes, cloudways allow to use wordpress you can setup it on one click while intalling droplet or server.


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