To ensure the safety and security of user data, South Korean company Krafton Incorporated today announced that it would be working with Microsoft that owned cloud computing service, Azure, to host a wide array of its titles.

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This deal ensures that Krafton and its major subsidiaries, like PUBG Corporation, will be using Azure’s services for its online multiplayer battle royale title, Player Unknown Battlegrounds (PUBG PC and the consoles), as well as the mobile version, PUBG Mobile.

Krafton and Microsoft to collaborate as data security focus points towards PUBG Mobile’s Unban

According to a BusinessWire report, Krafton has made the security and safety of its user data the top priority. This claim has been proven through this partnership, as Microsoft Azure provides top-of-the-line security. This collaboration will ensure that user privacy remains of utmost importance.

These steps towards data security and privacy were taken amidst growing concerns regarding user data safety concerning PUBG Corporation. This company’s ties with Tencent Games, the Chinese giant under the scanner for user data security, hasn’t helped it at all. These issues have even caused PUBG Mobile’s ban in India.

PUBG Mobile was banned in September for security reasons

The Indian government had suspended PUBG Mobile and PUBG Mobile Lite on 2nd September. These games were banned under Section 69A of the Information Technology Act 2009.

Complying with this decision, PUBG Mobile India Official, in an official Facebook post, announced the termination of all services and user access to these games' servers across India, starting from 30th October. This move meant the total shutdown of PUBG Mobile servers around the country.

In response to this decision, PUBG Corporation also decided to withdraw its partnership with Tencent Games, who had publishing and distribution rights to these massively-popular games in India. Krafton (formerly Bluehole Inc.), the parent company of PUBG Mobile, also decided to take the publishing rights of the game into its own hands.

Since the ban, PUBG Corporation has been looking for ways to make the game accessible once again to Indian users. Lately, many reliable sources in the PUBG Mobile community have hinted that the native version of this game will be launched in the coming days in collaboration with Microsoft.

And news of this partnership between Azure and Krafton only strengthens these claims. However, there has been no official announcement from PUBG Corp or Microsoft regarding this matter. Fans and players will indeed be excited and will eagerly be waiting for the official statement, as this title enjoys a huge fan base in India.

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