As, Pubg mobile got officially ban in India by Indian Government on 2 September 2020 beacuse of the security reasons and voilent nature. But after the ban Pubg Mobile is playable till 30 octuber 2020, after that Pubg shut down servers in India officials. And annouce to merge all pubg mobile servers to Krafton for India. 

Now according to a report Pubg Mobile can make Come back in India very soon. Topic related to Pubg Mobile Unban in India is trending on social media's, all the Pubg lovers and users want to play Pubg Mobile again with the same joy with their friends and relatives.

When will Pubg Mobile Unban in India ?

Chances of Pubg Mobile Unban in India becomes higher day by day. Now currently a Instagram post is publishef on aaj tak Instagram handle that Pubg Mobile could make a return at the Diwali festival.

Many Pubg pro players also gives Hints regarding Pubg Mobile Unban in India like Kronten, Ghatak, zgod, Maxtern, etc. Recently Kronten Gaming Uploaded a Video in which he gives a hint related to Pubg mobile unban in India on 15 November 2020.

You can check Kronten Gaming youtube channel here - Kronten Gaming 

Kronten Gaming youtube video: 

Instagram Handles gives Hint of Pubg Mobile Unban 

1. Kronten Gaming
2. Maxtern
3. Ghatak
4. Zgod
5. Encore Gaming
6. Aaj Tak

You can see more on Instagram.

What efforts Pubg corp. doing for Unban ?

As many remours says Pubg Mobile is going to tie up with jio, airtel, mircrosoft, etc. But there is no any official annoucment from Pubg Mobile releated to tie up with and Indian company. Some sources says they are looking for a a company in India as a Publisher for Pubg Mobile in India.

But according to current situation it looks like that Pubg Mobile  has already setup its server in India and they are waiting right time to announce. According to my opinion Pubg Mobile unban official annoucement can be seen till 15 November 2020.

Technical Guruji on Pubg Mobile unban in India.

On 6 Novermber 2020 Technical guruji also uploaded a video on Pubg mobile Unban in India. He also seems to say that Pubg mobile chances to Unban has been Increased. And said according to some internal leaks from Pubg Mobile pro gamers Pubg Mobile could make return in this year

Most probably official announcment of Pubg Mobile Unban in India will be seen before 15 Novermber 2020. This News will becomes a strong Diwali gift for Pubg Mobile Lovers.

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