Happy New Year 2021 eve : Top Wishes, Poem, Quotes and Images

Wishing you Happy New year 2021

Let the old year-end and the New Year begin with the warmest of aspirations. Happy New Year!

Happy New Year 2021 eve : Top Wishes, Poem, Quotes and Images

As you know, The year 2020 has been an unexpected ride in the midst of this epidemic, protests and many hardships that have made life difficult for people around the world. But as we approach the end of this year, we must all accept the fact that every year, one must leave behind bad memories and mistakes. So now, as we welcome the coming year, 2021, let us all be optimistic and happy with bright spirits and aspirations for the future. We must commit ourselves to not let bad times get in the way of our future and work hard to achieve our dreams and aspirations. Therefore, let us all welcome the new year with much-needed hope and happiness.

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In this account, we bring you wishes, messages and quotes to share with your family and friends in the new year.

Happy New year 2021 wishes

These are the 15 best wishing quotes that you can share with your friends and family. Read them copy and share on the occation of new year eve 2021.

Let us celebrate this exciting, colorful, grand, magical New Year with a great big smile. Wishing you a year full of happiness and prosperity.
May this year give you the opportunity to follow your dreams, love like there is no tomorrow and smile unconditionally. Happy New Year!
As we celebrate the New Year, I wish everyone success, a healthy long life and a fresh new start. Happy New Year!
We are lucky that we get to have a second chance, so be grateful and live life to the fullest. Have a joyous New Year!
Let us be a better human being, a better person and a better citizen. New Year’s is a time to better ourselves for a better world. Have a grand New Year!
Wishing all my Facebook friends and family a blessed New Year full of peace, laughter, prosperity and health.
May you always be surrounded by hope and guided by the stars. Have a prosperous New Year!
it’s not the destination, it’s the journey. May you enjoy each day of your adventure. Happy New Year!
We may be far apart but you are always in my heart. May you have a healthy and abundant New Year!
Cheers to a better life and a bright future. Have a prosperous New Year!
Free yourself from sadness and frown for the New Year has finally come to town. Have a happy and healthy New Year!
May all your wishes come true and a very happy New Year to you!
Roses are red, violets are blue, it’s party time, happy New Year to you! Have a fantastic New Year!
Have a crazy, rocking, exciting and magical New Year!
New love, new do, new purse, new adventures, new you. May the coming year be a great success for you.
365 days complete, 365 new days to go, I am writing a New Year’s resolution, how about you? May you have a wonderful New Year!

10 Best Poem for New year 2021

Here are the best 10 poem to read on new year which is best for motivation kids towards their studies annd dreams. SSo, read these quotes and shared with your childrens and friends

Let us try to be good and content,

Kind to each other,

Healthy and gentle and brave,

Obedient to Mother.

For of such were the heroes of old –

Patient in learning,

Seldom rude, seldom cross, never cruel,

From the truth never turning.
“The worst is yet to come:”
So wail the doubters glum,
But here’s the better view;

“My best I’ve yet to do.”

The worst some always fear;
To-morrow holds no cheer,
Yet farther on life’s lane
Are joys you shall attain.

Go forward bravely, then,
And play your part as men,
For this is ever true:
“Our best we’ve yet to do.”
Happy New Year to you!
May every great new day
Bring you sweet surprises–
A happiness buffet.

Happy New Year to you,
And when the new year’s done,
May the next year be even better,
Full of pleasure, joy and fun.
It’s a new year
Let’s give a cheer
Pour us some wine

And maybe some beer

Get all your friends
Party till the day ends
Then the ball will drop
And the balloons will pop

It will be 2017
Give me a high five
Another year passes
Through life’s glasses
Happy New Year.
Even during the worst of times
When I feel the years go slipping by
Life seems rife with possibilities
When the New Year arrives.

Buoyed by hope at the New Year coming
I feel renewed and want to start living.
This year I'll travel and see the sights,
I'll be bold, I'll be courageous.

I'll reach out and go beyond.
I might even try being flirtatious!
I'll be a new fish in a brand new pond.
This new year I'll be brave and I'll be strong.

Even though time does fly,
I won't let this year be wasted.
I'll look forward to new adventures
And be open to opportunities I am graced with.

I'll learn and laugh and have good times.
I won't dwell on years gone by.
I'll start each new morning a brand new way.
I'll pretend it is New Year's Day!
With a new beginning and fresh start,
Full of inspiration and positive thoughts,
Let's begin this year with an optimistic thought.
Gone are the days of regret and guilt,

Those rooms full of darkness.
It's time to move with courage,
Full of confidence and hope.
Let's begin this year with an optimistic thought
My New Year Solutions, Not Resolutions
This year I want to be a monkey
Jumping from tree to tree

Next year I can be a donkey
Braying from sky to sea.

Every year I want to change
And experience something new
I wish I am something strange
Like the disappearing dew.

I want to feel the life of a lion king
Sitting inside its majestic skin
Turning into a peacock I will sing
And be a cuckoo-pea Siamese twin

Why can’t I be a bubble?
Blow away and disappear
Instead of getting into trouble
Making resolutions every year
First day of the New Year.
It's time to shine for a new day.
Forget your past,
Your sorrow, your pain.

New ideas are waiting ahead.
It's time to recall your all memories,
Beautiful dreams that remain uncovered,
Painful parts of life when your heart gets crushed.

But don't be afraid.
The future is in your hand.
Hold it in your hand.
Start your race,
A new journey
That leads you to success.
You will rise again,
You will shine again.
Happy New Year!
Here comes the New Year
And it's time to make resolutions
For I promise to be sincere
And bring in me a revolution

In class I'll talk less
In studies I'll surely progress
All my lies I'll confess
I'll go to play with egress

To my friends I'll be kind
Have my character refined
To a helper of mankind
With a sound mind

I'll follow my teacher's advice
Regularly I'll exercise
My mother I'll idolize
Beyond doubt I'll civilize

These are my resolutions
To bring in me an evolution
To follow them I'll try my best
Until then I'll not rest
Happy, Happy New Year!
We wish you all the best,
Great work to reach your fondest goals,
And when you’re done, sweet rest.

We hope for your fulfillment,
Contentment, peace and more,
A brighter, better new year than
You’ve ever had before.

Happy new year 2021 images

Wishing you happy new year from our side, we have provided some images below of "happy new year 2021". I hope you like them, comment down about our quotes and wished and share these images with your friends.

Happy New Year 2021 eve : Top Wishes, Poem, Quotes and Images

Happy New Year 2021 eve : Top Wishes, Poem, Quotes and Images

Happy New Year 2021 eve : Top Wishes, Poem, Quotes and Images

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