Amazon Quiz: Identify the fruit.

Hello Guys, welcome to our latest article on the topic of Amazon 20 August , 2021 quiz answers, today we are going to provide you the answers of Amazon today Quiz, 20 August 2021. Today’s quiz is very special for everyone as if you answer all the 5 question of 20 August 2021 Quiz then you have a chance to Win 15,000 Amazon Pay Balance.

Q5: Identify the fruit.

Answer 5: (D) Avocado

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Amazon Today Quiz Details

Quiz NameDaily Quiz
Winning PrizeWin 20,000 Amazon Pay Balance
Start Date20 August 2021 – 12 AM
Winner Announce20 August 2021 – 12 PM
Total Questions5

Amazon Quiz 20 August 2021 Answers Win – 20000 Pay Balance

Q1: Who will be the flag bearer for the Indian contingent at the closing ceremony of the Tokyo Games?

Answer 1: (A) Bajrang Punia

Q2: Who among these, often referred to as ‘the loneliest man in history’, passed away in April 2021?

Answer 2: (D) Michael Collins

Q3:  In May 2021, which pop star got married to real estate agent Dalton Gomez?

Answer 3: (C) Ariana Grande

Q4: Under which dynasty was this monument built?

Answer 4: (B) Qutb Shahi

Q5: Identify the fruit.

Answer 5: (D) Avocado

Amazon Quiz 19 August 2021 Answers Win – 15000 Pay Balance

Q1: Albino palm civet was sighted recently after 129 years in Satkosia Tiger Reserve in which state?

Answer 1: (A) Odisha

Q2: Which company is selling off Yahoo and AOL for about half of the cost it paid to acquire them?

Answer 2: (C) Verizon

Q3: Mark Selby recently became a four-time world champion in which sport?

Answer 3: (D) Snooker

Q4: Name the tallest version of this in the world.

Answer 4: (C) Kingda Ka

Q5: Name this breed of cat

Answer 5: (A) Bengal Cat

How to play Amazon Today Quiz

It is very simple to play amazon Today quiz, you just need to download amazon app or open website in mobile version, there you can search for “Quiz” in search bar. After searching you will find the option of Fun-Zone, from where you can win prizes everyday.

Now, you just need to select the amazon 20 August 2021 quiz you want to play, after selecting the quiz you need to answer all the 5 questions correctly to win the prizes. The winner of the ongoing quiz will be announced after the end of quiz, and you can also check it in the winner section of amazon quiz section.

Conclusion: So, these are the answers if 5 questions asked in Amazon today quiz by which you can also Win 20,000 Amazon Pay Balance. If you found all of these answers correct then share it with your family and friends who are also the users of Amazon and Likes to play amazon quiz’s.

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