Mis Full Form: What does MIS Report Mean?

What does mis mean? (mis report full form) in computer, bank, excel: In this article I am going to tell you about MIS full form and its mean. MIS is a term which is used in computerexcel and banking sector. When we talk in computer and excel MIS stands for the same term, but when we talk about MIS full form in banking sector Mis stands for different term and its meaning is also different.

What does MIS mean?

Mis Meaning: A Management Information System (MIS) is a computerized information-processing system designed to support the activities of company or organizational management. MIS is used to process, store, retrieve, and analyze data collected for the administrative purposes. It is used in large amount in major companies for preparing data base of customers and other information relating to them.

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Full form of MIS in Computer, excel

Full form of MIS: used in computer and excel is Management Information System (MIS). This is a computerized information process system which is design to help in management of company or organizational management. 

Full Form Of MIS = Management Information System

Full form of MIS in Banking sector

Full form of Mis used in Bank: In Banks Mis term is used for Monthly Income Scheme (MIS) . 

Mis full form in Bank =Monthly Income Scheme

In this post we talk about the full form of mis and a little bit about mis. We hope you like the content we shared, if you want to know more full forms in English, just search on our website we will make sure to provide the full forms of all short words as soon as possible.

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