Molkki Written Update: 19th April, 2021 Latest Episode

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Episode Name: Purvi Pays The First Installment Of Her “Mol”!

Air Date: 19th April, 2021

Molkki Written Update

Virender gets some information about the fire who goes to the workers. They share that Jagan had disclosed to them this. Director shares that Jagan got terminated some time back. For what reason will he lie? Virender ponders who might have played this trick with him. Flashback shows Anjali offering cash to a person to go to Mama ji and falsehood that a fire broke out at Sakshi Mill.

He should proceed to illuminate Virender. Jagan concurs. Prakashi inquires as to whether it’s finished. Anjali gestures. Presently Jeth ji will save Sakshi Mill and nobody will be there to save Purvi! Flashback closes. Virender ponders who could try to do this to him. Mom ji says I am dumbfounded as well. For what reason did it need to happen today however? Panch will settle on a choice with respect to Purvi’s case. They head home.

Panch articulate Purvi blameworthy. She has tricked her family! It is no not exactly a transgression for which she will be rebuffed harshly. Prakashi thinks Panch have taken in her language well in a day. Expectation they will give her the very discipline that I had recommended.

Sudha advises Purvi to have confidence on Virender. He said that the discipline would be straightforward. Nothing will turn out badly. Purvi is in tears. How to believe him when he said he will introduce my side of the story to Panch today and vanished? I don’t make any difference to him. Will you do a certain something? She reveals to Sudha something (in quiet). Sudha asks her what she is saying yet Purvi needs to get ready for the most exceedingly terrible. Sudha concurs and goes.

Panch request that Purvi stroll on consuming coals to do contrition for her offenses. Purvi and Yogi are paralyzed while Anjali and Prakashi grin. Bhuri and a couple of women circle around Purvi. Bhuri calls her a hoodlum, a miscreant more than once! You should do contrition by strolling on the consuming coal! Panch advise Purvi to begin her discipline. Purvi cries thinking about Virender’s promising words the previous evening. Bhuri takes her forward yet Purvi shrugs her hand away stunning everybody.

I haven’t perpetrated any wrongdoing and I am not a lawbreaker so there is no point of this discipline! A worker illuminates Bhuri that Virender’s vehicle is outside. Her eyes enlarge in stun. Purvi won’t acknowledge the choice. You are doing treachery to me and I wont acknowledge it. Bhuri illuminates Prakashi and they signal workers to remove the coals. They agree.

Virender and Mama ji enter all at once. Purvi approaches Virender. I don’t acknowledge the choice made by Panch! Virender asks her what she is saying. Panch are Parmeshwar (Gods) and they can’t settle on an off-base choice. Nobody has set out to conflict with their choices till date! You are a Mukhiyayini yet you should finish your discipline. Purvi thinks about what sort of a person is he. Recently you disclosed to me that you confide in me totally yet you changed your position today before everybody. You need me to get rebuffed for reasons unknown! Virender thinks I got least discipline for her by persuading Panch.

She has issue taking 10 rounds of the town? For what reason does she need to contend and sit around idly? She can undoubtedly finish the rounds in that amount time. The matter will be arranged at that point. Purvi asks Virender for what reason she is being rebuffed when she is guiltless. I have been bearing some discipline or other since I have come here. Who does this to his significant other? This is simply done to Molkki’s. You have been offending Molkki’s for the sake of customs and culture.

I just asked you for a certain something – to confide in me indiscriminately once! It was a little matter at this point you were unable to confide in me. Would you not have confided in Sakshi ji in the event that she was in my place and she had requested that you confide in her? He says I would. I confided in you as well and got your discipline! She cuts him mid sentence. Is this the equity that I will get for the sake of trust? You have indeed showed me my place in your life. I’m not your better half but rather a Molkki.

This isn’t a law however a transgression! Is anything but a practice or an approach to help young ladies yet a negligence. This is occurring as you are supporting it. I realize that I may do anything other than I wont be acknowledged as the DIL of this family. I will everlastingly stay a Molkki who you can affront before everybody. You may have a ton to lose throughout everyday life while I just have my sense of pride.

I can’t lose it at any expense. Today, I won’t acknowledge this discipline and this present Molkki’s connection any longer! I will pay you my ‘Mol’ today before the relatives, Panch and free you from this connection! Everybody is paralyzed by her words. Sudha returns all at once. Purvi takes an envelope from her and offers it to Virender. This is the primary portion that I have saved subsequent to showing Manas and Juhi. I will pay you the following portion very soon. I can’t live in this connection any longer however! I will leave the haveli today. This connection of ‘Mol’ between you and me is over directly from this second onwards! Panch, Sudha, Virender, Yogi and Mama are shocked while the others look cheerful.

Purvi is gathering her packs when children come to show her their pichkari’s. They talk enthusiastically about Holi. Purvi gets enthusiastic and turns away. They ask her for what reason she is crying. Virender is at the entryway at this point and takes a gander at the bag. Children notice it as well. Will you leave us as well? Purvi embraces them and cries. Virender says she wont go anyplace. Juhi says she is crying and has gathered her pack too. Manas gestures. He asks haathi on the off chance that she is angry with them. Purvi denies. Something went in my eye. Virender lies also. Manas inquires as to whether they battled once more. Juhi says I feel that as well. Purvi says it isn’t accurate.

We haven’t battled. Juhi requests a proof. Manas requests that they embrace each other to demonstrate that they aren’t annoyed with one another. Juhi says it should keep going briefly. We will in any case imagine that haathi is leaving us! Purvi approaches Virender. She grins for the good of the children and embraces Virender. They advise them to stand like this briefly. They begin tallying seconds and turn their back to them.

Virender demands Purvi not to go. I was constrained to get you rebuffed or individuals would have called Mukhi one-sided. Purvi advises him that he questioned her character last time and her genuineness this time. Virender says I dint do this purposefully. It was a misconception. She says I am the person who misconstrued you. Honestly, you couldn’t care less about me by any stretch of the imagination. You let me be today as you needed to show them that you are simply. He denies. I needed to surge somewhere earnestly. She asks him what it very well may be. He discloses to her that somebody revealed to him that a fire broke out at Sakshi Mill. That is the reason Mama ji and I went there. She asks him how it occurred. He says somebody warned them wrongly.

She asks him for what good reason he went there when she was getting rebuffed today. It demonstrates that that dormant Mill is more imperative to you than me as it bears your late spouse’s name. You can do anything for the spouse who is no more except for you left the one, who is alive, to be reprimanded by everybody. You dint consider your better half when it went to the Mill. It wasn’t the solitary factory that you had however I am your lone spouse! You can assemble numerous such factories. Would have had the option to resurrect me in the event that anything had happened to me? Is it true that you were ready to resurrect Sakshi ji? No, correct? Would you have allowed everybody to slight Sakshi ji as well in the event that she was in my place today? Wouldn’t you have remained by her? He gets quiet.

Purvi says I am sure you would have remained by Sakshi ji’s side and ensured her. She was your significant other all things considered. A spouse remains by his better half. You dint do this for me as I am as yet a Molkki for you. It is only these children who love me with their entire being and have acknowledged me genuinely. Nobody else loves me here. They don’t contrast me with Sakshi ji however they love me however much they cherished Sakshi ji. They are kids at this moment. They will grow up and gain so much from you. They will likewise start to view at me as a Molkki at that point. Children gain from their family all things considered. I have chosen to leave you and this haveli for eternity! I would prefer not to live here any longer!

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