National Science Day 2021 speech in English Long, Short and Images

National Science Day 2021

National Science Day 2021 speech in English Long, Short and Images: February 28 is observed to commemorate the great discovery of the prominent scientist CV Raman. This day is celebrated as National Science Day. Every year, on this day, the schools and other educational institution organises various activities like science exhibitions, speech competitions, essay competitions, debates, quiz competitions, etc across the nation. Now due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the school and colleges will be organising an event online. 

On this day in 1928, the great Indian physicist invented the Raman Effect and even won the Nobel Prize in 1930 for the same. This year, the theme of National Science Day 2021 is “Future of STI: Impacts on Education, Skills, and Work”.

The students and teachers who are taking part in the speech and essay competition can take ideas from the sample speech and essay given below.

National Science Day 2021 Speech

1. First Science Day 2021 Speech in English

Good Morning Today, all of us are gathered here to celebrate the discovery of the great Indian physicist Sir CV Raman. On this day in 1928, he invented the Raman Effect. By celebrating this day as National Science Day, we show our dignity and respect to the famous Indian physicist for his contribution to the field of Science. Raman Effect explains the effect on the scattering of light when passing through different materials.

The main objective of National Science Day is to bring awareness to people about the importance of science in our daily life and to encourage people by popularizing Science and Technology. Every year, the day is celebrated with a particular theme. This year, the theme of National Science Day 2021 is “Future of STI: Impacts on Education, Skills, and Work”. As students/teachers, it is our responsibility to honour the great man and his invention, by contributing greatly to the field of science through innovation. I wish all the science enthusiast the very best to enhance their scientific zeal!

2. Second Science Day 2021 Speech in English

Good Morning Honourable guests and my dear friends, I am extremely honoured to speak before this honourable gathering about the ‘National Science Day’.

Every year on February 28 we celebrate this day to mark the invention of ‘Raman Effect’. However, do you know what it is and why the government have dedicated a day? Raman Effect also known as Raman scattering was an important discovery in the field of scattering of light. The discovery states that when the light traverses through a transparent object some of it gets dispersed and the dispersed light changes its wavelength and amplitude, though slightly. He was also awarded Nobel Prize in 1930 in Physics for this important discovery.

National Science Day promotes science and technology and its feasibility in our daily life. It also encourages scientists, writers, students, and others who are involved in the promotion of science and technology. The day must be observed with the same diligence every year. It should not be limited only to the science fraternity but also must have participants from various walks of life.

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