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Today I will give you specific details on this. If you are also very interested in playing PUBG games and want to know in advance that the Indian version of PUBG Mobile is coming. It will be about size, MB or GB, if you want to know, then you should read this article in full, I will tell you everything step by step. 

Pubg Mobile India

If you don’t know why Pubg Mobile Ban happened? Or you do not know when it will launch again, and then write an Existing article. You can read by going to that ID. A few days ago, many users were commenting on me and asking what will be the size of pubg mobile india? So I thought about why not write a full article on it to end your confusion. As you know previously there was a mobile app in the PUBG Mobile Play Store

Its size was around 1.5GB, i.e. 1500MB, which is why the Indian user had great difficulty downloading it. Now such news comes out that the upcoming Pubg Mobile India will be a small MB? So, is this thing true and right, so, how much will it cost, I’ll tell you all these things. Table of Contents, friends, now let me tell you the Pubg Mobile India Kitne MB Ka Hoga?

See, according to current news sources, the upcoming Pubg Mobile India will be released on the Play Store at around 610MB. Many people here think that its size is reduced and that it is not. Its size in Google Play Store will be around 600-700MB and if you download and install it in the Google Play Store on your mobile phone, you will have to download a package of this game’s appload of about 500MB. 

Other than that, if you want to play another game, you will have to download that map separately. To say it is easy. That the game is now divided into pieces, you can all download and install each piece. In order for the Indian user not to face any problem, this step has been taken in fetching wheat. Because it has been found from sources that all Indian users playing the game, the data on their mobiles is approximately 1GB to 1.5GB.

So in this way many users do not download this game. And pass it on to your friend even if it’s too late. To avoid this thing from one cell phone to another cell phone and game people have taken this method to download the game easily. So far I have given you this information, Pubg Mobile India Kitne MB Ka Hoga? But now let me tell you the exact reason why this game has been discounted, that is, the game that was once seen on the Google Play store for 1.5GB is now why you will get 610MB or so, what is the reason for that? I’m going to tell you. 

As I mentioned above all Indian users who re-install their mobiles, get a full balance of only 1GB-1.5GB and thanks to this Indian region Many users are not able to download this game from Google Play Store. So, the developer of Pubg Mobile, put a little brain here and did not download the game completely from the Google Play Store, saying that this means you can download the game to pieces. That is, you have the main mobile app in the Google Play Store. 

Combine and upload the game with the main file, which you can download for about 610MB. And after that when you open the game, you will have to download packets of various resources to it. 

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You will be happy with the crowd and will be waiting for Pubg Mobile India to launch and when you will be able to play it. So let me give you a little detail on when the game will be launched again in India. See so far the game is ready to end but before releasing it, the Indian government is there. Permission must be taken from him. So far the government has not issued a permit. 

The government will first test the game and issue a permit. And when the discovery is found, points will start again in India. If you want to know more details about it, and write a full article in it, you can go read it. Read Also Pubg Mobile India Kitne MB Ka Hoga Pubg Mobile Lite India Mein Kab Aayega? Start date? How To Switch A Server To Pubg Without Waiting For 60 Days For Pubg Mobile India Kab Launch Hoga? Latest News 2021 What did you learn? 

In this article I told you the Pubg Mobile India Kitne MB Ka Hoga? And at the same time, I have given you all the details as to why its size has been reduced and in this article I have told you all the details when it will return to India again. If you liked this article, definitely share it with your friends. If you are still confused, you did not understand anything, then you can comment below and tell us thank you.

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