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 Scam 1992 is a Hindi drama web series of SonyLiv productions. This web series explains about the Harshad Mehta Story and Directed by Hansal Mehta. This movie is about 1992 Indian stock market scam by Harshad Mehta. This was a huge scam of approx. 500 crore rupees. In this webs series you will get to know how he did all these scams and how he started his career in Indian stock market. Harshad Mehta was known to be the big bull of Indian stock market. This web series is full of drama and you will know that our government working system also has so many loop holes. And many people use these loop holes to manipulate the system and earn money by illegal ways and most of them are not caught just because of our week working system. 

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Scam 1992 Full Story Explained 

This web series is about a middle-class person who used to work in different fields to earn money and fulfill their dreams. Later on he heard about the Bombay stock exchange i.e. Indian Stock Market. He asked his brother to help him to join it and he met a broker in stock market. He worked for that broker for one month to learn about the working of stock market. After that he opened his own trading account and started his trading. In which he get a huge loss and his account was also suspended for some time but as time goes his account was reactivated for trading. After that he opened his own consultancy company in which he used to guide people in stock market. He used to guide them by various ways that in which they need to invest and at which time they need to withdraw their money to get more profit. He was working well in that field. He made a huge profit from that but till now the growth of his company was low he want to grow it to highest peek and make more money. 

Later on, he gets some knowledge about the banking sectors like banking security and government funds. He then entered the banking sector also. He used to provide security to the banks by providing money from one bank to another. And there was a loophole in our banking system that the security money transfer takes 10-15 days and till that all the money was kept in the brokers account to avoid taxes and time. And very wisely he used to use that money in the stock market. He invest bank security deposit money to the stock market and keep on high the stock market prices and make huge money by this method. After some time RBI got a few evidences about this loophole then they made strict guidelines regarding this. Now he was also in some trouble but he used his mind and take a huge amount of approx 500 crore rupees from a bank without any receipt. Then someone leaked about this news and he was in trouble and get caught. An investigating team investigate over all his wealth. His total wealth was of approx 4000 crore rupees. He was get arrested for this and all his things were revealed. 

All this was the a brief story of Scam 1992 Hindi Web series. If you want to watch the complete seasons of Scam 1992. You can download Scam 1992 from torrent or any other website that provides you these web series for free but if you are searching to download Scam 1992 from google drive folder then visit our download now option. 

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Star cast in Scam 1992 

Pratik Gandhi – Harshad Mehta

Shreya Dhanwanthary – Sucheta Dalal

Chirag Vohra – Bhushan Bhatt

Vishesh Bansal – Young Harshad Mehta

Anjali Barot – Jyoti Mehta (Harshad’s wife)

Hemant Kher – -hwin Mehta (Harshad’s Brother)

Ramakant Dayma – Shantilal Mehta (Harshad’s Father)

Kumkum D- – R-ilaben Mehta (Harshad’s Mother)

Jay Upadhyay – Pranav Sheth

Kartik Krishnan – Chandr-wami

Ayaz Khan – Tre-ury Chief, Bank Of America

Brinda Trivedi – Deepika Mehta (-hwin’s Wife)

Faisal R-hid – Deb-ish B-u

Nikhil Dwivedi – Tyagi (A.S.Thyagarajan)

Sharib H-hmi – Sharad Bellary

K.K. Raina – Manohar Pherwani

Rajat Kapoor – K. Madhavan, Central Bureau of Investigation Joint Director

Satish Kaushik – Manu Mundra

Anant Mahadevan – S. Venkitaramanan, RBI Governor

Ivan Rodrigues – Fortune India Editor

Mamik Singh – Mr.Rao

Kavin Dave – Rakesh (Rakesh Jhunjhunwala)

Lalit Parimoo – K. D-, Central Bureau of Investigation Director

Jaimini Pathak – Sitaraman

Shadaab Khan – AK, Ajay Kedia (Ajay Kayan)

Paresh Ganatra – Maheshwari (Radhakishan Damani)

Vivek V-wani – M. N. Goiporia, SBI Chairman

Mithilesh Chaturvedi – Ram Jethmalani

Nagesh Bhosale – Dr. Datta Ram

Sharad Jagtiani – Rajdeep Desai

Raghav Raj Kakker – Sucheta’s source, nicknamed Karamchand

Hansal Mehta (uncredited)- Director

Rajesh Jais – SBI GM

Vikram Kapadia – CMD of Polo

Scam 1992 Google Drive Release Date and Time 

Scam 1992 Hindi Web Series contains of 10 episodes of approximately one hour each and all episodes were released on same date. Scam 1992 was released on 9 October 2020. As this is a web series so this was released in online mode only. You cam watch it online or you can download Scam 1992 from torrent. Download Scam 1992 from Tamil Rockers. 

The google drive link of scam 1992 is also available to download or watch it for free. Here also you had given a google drive link of Scam 1992. You can also download this web series from our link or just can watch it. 


Scam 1992 official trailer was released on 30 September 2020 on the official youtube account of SonyLiv. You can watch it from the video given below of official trailer of scam 1992.

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