Passion-stirring planet Mars is in your sign and could make you the zodiac’s hottest love attractor. Daring ideas revive passion between partners, while singles may find some romance where journeys are planned.


Venus shines the gentle light of understanding on you. It makes you sure of your love feelings and what a partner really thinks about you. Exciting plans could be made.


A chance to learn new skills and use them to work with people who are friends as well as clever colleagues could change your working life in such interesting ways. So do not let three love questions distract you.


The sun explores the hidden part of your chart and gives you an air of mystery that intrigues people – both new faces and those who have known you for years. What has been a valued friendship could turn into a sensuous super-love.


You find solutions while others only see the problems. This helps at work and when you get involved with a community project that attracts famous names.


Saturn, the boss of all the planets, starts to travel in a new direction. This inspires you to aim high, and your career could really take off. If you are single, a secretly wealthy Capricorn could be The One.


A job you enjoy or studying to get a professional qualification? There is no need to choose because you can do both. Being in love with someone who is your opposite in every way is an unexpected success.


Single? A first meeting with a Pisces soulmate makes this a day when you can see into your own future and find so much to look forward to. Just as rewarding is discovering the partner you have is your soulmate.


A small compromise could give you the advantage when there are deals to be done. As for love, opposites do more than attract – they fascinate, give you a new view of life and at times baffle you.


A work-linked opportunity you feel you should have made more of comes around again. This time you have the ability to really go for it. Passion gets stronger now there is mutual respect for each other’s ambitions.


A surprise meeting with a former neighbour who has found success shows you really have missed each other. There is a hint of romance this time. Already involved? A partner needs to hear you say those words of love.