Amazon World Math’s Day Quiz Answer, Win 20,000 Amazon Pay Balance

Hello Guys, welcome to our latest article on the topic of Amazon World Math’s Day quiz answers, today we are going to provide you the answers of Amazon World Math’s Day Quiz, 15 March 2021. Today’s quiz is very special for everyone as if you answer all the 6 question of World Math’s Day Quiz then you have a chance to Win 20,000 Amazon Pay Balance.

Amazon World Math’s Day Quiz Details

Quiz NameWorld Math’s Day Quiz
Winning Prize20,000 Amazon Pay Balance
Start Date15 March 2021
Winner Announce27 March 2021
Total Questions6

How to play Amazon World Math’s Day Quiz

It is very simple to play amazon world math’s day quiz, you just need to download amazon app or open website in mobile version, there you can search for “Quiz” in search bar. After searching you will find the option of Fun-Zone, from where you can win prizes everyday.

Now, you just need to select the amazon world math’s day march 2021 quiz you want to play, after selecting the quiz you need to answer all the 6 questions correctly to win the prizes. The winner of the ongoing quiz will be announced after the end of quiz, and you can also check it in the winner section of amazon quiz section.

Amazon World Math’s Day Quiz Answer, Win 20,000 Amazon Pay Balance

Q1: In 2019, UNESCO proclaimed that 14th March would be observed as International Day of Mathematics. 14th March is also celebrated as what?

Answer: Pi Day

Q2: An organization called ___ Learning also organizes World Maths Day- an international celebration of mathematics. Fill in the blanks

Answer: 3P

Q3: In the movie ‘A Beautiful Mind’, Russell Crowe plays the role of which famous mathematician?

Answer: John Nash

Q4: In 2018, New Delhi born Akshay Venkatesh won which of these awards, named in honour of a Canadian mathematician?

Answer: Fields Medal

Q5: 1729- the smallest number that can be expressed as a sum of two cubes in two different ways is named after which two mathematicians?

Answer: Hardy and Ramanujan

Q6: Puzzles to puzzle you’, ‘In the Wonderland of Numbers’ and ‘The Book of Numbers’ are all written by which mathematical genius?

Answer: Shakuntala Devi

Amazon Quiz 15 March 2021

Q1: The 2021 Australian Open Men’s Singles final featured players from which countries?

Answer : Russia and Serbia

Q2: February 29th, 1896 is the birthday of which former Indian Prime Minister who was in office for a bit more than 2 years?

Answer : Morarji Desai

Q3: The upcoming Bollywood movie ‘Pathan’ featuring Shahrukh Khan, has an extended cameo from which of these actors?

Answer : Salman Khan

Q4: Which action sport is being performed by the man in this photo?

Answer : Skateboarding

Q5: The process of adding design to this drink after it has been poured is called what?

Answer : Etching

Amazon Quiz 14 March 2021 – Win New Apple iPhone 12 (128GB) – Blue

Q1: Who took a total of 11 wickets in the second pink ball Test ever to be played in India?

Answer : Axar Patel

Q2: The Westminister Magistrates’ Court in which city cleared the extradition of Nirav Modi to India?

Answer : London

Q3: Founders Day is celebrated by scouts all over the world on 22nd February on whose birthday?

Answer : Lord Baden – Powell

Q4: Who usually played the rhythm technique on this instrument in the Beatles?

Answer : John Lennon

Q5: This kind of statue of a woman is often found in courthouses in order to represent what?

Answer : JusticeClick Here to Play Amazon Quiz of 14 March

Amazon Today Quiz Answers: 13 March 2021

Q1: Which country is India helping to build the Shahtoot Dam?

Answer : Afghanistan

Q2: Which Australian cricketer recently won his third Allan Border Medal?

Answer : Steve Smith

Q3: To which animal is the current year (2021) dedicated, according to the Chinese calendar?

Answer : Ox

Q4: What is this Japanese dish traditionally wrapped in?

Answer : Seaweed

Q5: Which of the following car brands does NOT belong to this company?

Answer : Dodge

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Amazon Quiz 12 March 2021 : Answers

Q1: Robert Irwin has been awarded the Natural History Museum’s Wildlife Photographer of the Year award 2020 for his drone image of what?

Answer : Bushfire in northern Australia

Q2: Al-Amal is the first ever uncrewed space exploration mission to Mars by which country?

Answer : UAE

Q3: In January 2021, who became the second Indian captain and Asian skipper to win a Test series in Australia?

Answer : Ajinkya Rahane

Q4: How many phases are there of this satellite?

Answer : 8

Q5: Which horoscope sign is associated with this sea creature?

Answer : Cancer

Amazon Samsung Galaxy M12 Quiz Answers

Question 1. What is the Highest Resolution (Mega Pixel) of the main Camera ?
Answer:- 48MP

Question 2. How many Rear Camera are present in Galaxy M12?
Answer:- 4

Question 3. What nanometer processor powers Galaxy M12?
Answer:- 8nm

Question 4. What is the battery Capacity of Galaxy M12?
Answer:- 6000mah

Question 5. What is the screen refresh rate of the Samsung Galaxy M12?
Answer:- 90Hz

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Conclusion: So, these are the answers if 6 questions asked in Amazon today World math’s day quiz by which you can also win 20,000 Amazon Pay Balance – Blue. If you found all of these answers correct then share it with your family and friends who are also the users of Amazon and Likes to play amazon quiz’s.

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