Imlie 1st April 2021 Written Episode Update

Episode Name: Imlie Rejects Tauji’s Requests And Stays In Hostel Instead

Air Date: 1 April 2021

Imlie 1st April 2021 Written Episode Update

Aditya reveals to Prakash that he is Imlie’s significant other and has first right on her, Prakash is only his companion and will consistently be a companion. Tauji sees Imlie and gets upbeat seeing her. Imlie strolls to him and asks what is he doing here. He inquires as to for what reason did she venture out from home without illuminating if something occurred. She says she got some work in town, so she had gone there. She inquires as to whether he came for a smoke here. He says he can’t smoke regardless of whether he needs to as all retailers fear her and shut dooor on him. Their discussion proceeds. He sees Prakash and asks who is he. She says his companion and dadda/uncle’s child. He says let us return home as everybody would be glad seeing her and its a celebration tomorrow. Imlie says she would not like to got his home. He demands Prakash to go along and powerfully takes pack from her. She holds his hand and says she got a ton of regard in his family, however she can’t go to his home. Prakash says they are getting late. He concurs and requests to deal with herself. Imlie leaves. Adi watches covering up.

Nidhi and Rupal examine that they don’t want to play holi in any event, seeing tones. Nishant says he is here this year for celebration, yet feels something is absent. Taiji concurs. Sundar serves them gujia/desserts. Rupal says he is talking a ton in Imlie’s nonattendance. Every relative misses Imlie and examine what she would have done on the off chance that she was here. Sundar rehashes that he arranged gujia for them and they are disregarding him. Malini says Sundar is missing Imlie more. He leaves bashful. Nidhi discloses to Malini that she should be more energized as its her first holi after marriage with Adi. Malini says she couldn’t say whether Adi will celebrate holi with her or not. Aparna says first holi after marriage is extraordinary and Adi will play holi with Malini without a doubt. Taiji requests that Malini welcome her folks for festivity.

Imlie goes to lodging for confirmation. Superintendent says she needs her personality card. Imlie says she needs 5 years for her own character, and so forth Superintendent says there are a few guidelines which they need to follow. Imlie begins her standard long babbling and dazzles superintendent. Superintendent consents to give her affirmation without character card. Prakash says she will get her adhaar card soon.

Tauji gets back and illuminates that he met Imlie in busstand and requested that she get back, however she denied and demanded not to compel her. Aparna says how might she do that, they all will proceed to bring her home. Tauji says he doesn’t figure she will come. Aparna requests that Adi proceed to bring Imlie home as she tunes in to him. She says for what reason will she when he is nobody to her. Aparna says he is inconsiderate consistently. Malini thinks she thought Imlie and Adi have accommodated, on the off chance that he is irate on her or himself, and expectations his state of mind is better during celebration tomorrow.

Prakash asks Imlie not to meet or attempt to contact Adi once more. Imlie thinking back busstand episode says she doesn’t figure he will meet her once more. Prakash says its great on the off chance that he doesn’t meet her as Malini is Adi’s lawful spouse and Imlie will consistently be known as a subsequent lady and won’t be regarded like her mom. Imlie gives her long defense. Prakash says if Adi’s family discovers that she is Adi’s subsequent spouse, they will uphold Malini and show her out of house. He at that point says he is simply stressed for her and leaves requesting to deal with herself. Imlie figures she can’t praise celebration like a suhagan even in the wake of being a suhagan.

Adi gets back to his room and thinks his life was vapid prior to meeting Imlie and her shading won’t go path from his life for eternity. He takes a gander at Imlie’s lipstick blemish on his shirt and thinking back the episode thinks if Imlie would not like to meet her, how might he stay without meeting her, and so forth

Next morning, Malini prepares for celebration and thinking back Aparna’s words this mother was correct, she got excessively passionate with sindhoor and mangalsutra in any event, being knowledgeable and can’t deny now that sindhoor is a first shading which makes a lady suhagan and she needs Adi to apply it on her. She look through Adi. Aparna strolls to her and adulating her magnificence wishes her first holi after marriage. Malini expresses gratitude toward her and inquires as to whether she saw Adi. Dhruv wishes Aparna cheerfully holi, applies shading on her cheek and takes her endowments. He at that point attempts to shading Malini’s cheek when she stops him and says she needs Adi to shading her first and inquires as to whether he saw Adi. He says he went out some time prior. Aparna says he more likely than not gone to bring an exceptional present for her. Malini figures where did Adi go early morning. Adi arrives at lodging and expectations Imlie is here. Imlie unfortunately watches young ladies playing holi. Her flat mate proposes her to play holi with others and associate with them. Imlie says she knows, however doesn’t have any desire to play holi. Flat mate demands. Imlie says she is having migraine and will come in some time. Flat mate leaves. Imlie thinks holi is her number one celebration, yet feels each tone is tasteless, they play holi with family and she can’t get back to amma. Adi enters and inquires as to for what reason don’t she play holi with him. She inquires as to for what reason did he come here, imagine a scenario where somebody sees him. He says let them see him.


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