Instagram Year Of the Ox Meaning in Instagram Story By Facebook

Instagram Year Of the Ox Meaning in Instagram Story By Facebook: Hello guys today In this article I am going to answer to your question of what is the meaning of year of the ox in Instagram stories by facebook. So are you confused too, about what is this ‘Year of the OX’ story in Instagram and what does it mean?
Facebook also has updated their ‘like’ button to an attractive animated button.

Instagram Year Of the Ox Meaning

The meaning of ‘Year of the OX’ – it is related to the Lunar new year and 2021 is the Year of the Ox. This is a 12-year cycle each year have their own animals as zodiac which makes up the Chinese zodiac and the animal Ox is the second sign in it.
As you know, Lunar New Year celebrations has started this week, and the social media giant company Facebook is celebrating the Lunar New Year in their own style. They have added new Lunar New Year themed tools on both platform, Instagram and Facebook for the people looking to participate in welcoming the first new moon.

Lunar New Year is hugely celebrated in China and thanks to internet and social media which helped world to come closer to celebrate these events together.

Since yesterday many of you have noticed the first profile in the stories carousel on your profile which are under ‘Year of the Ox’. Instagram has also launched few cool new stickers and AR effects to make your content more attractive. To know how can you use the features in Instagram read this.

And also Facebook has also added an animated like button in their app.

Conclusion: In this article I have explained what is the year of ox meaning in Instagram story by Fcebook, I hope you like my answer please share it with your friends who are also searching for the Year of ox meaning n Hindi and english.

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