Some Blockchain Initiatives to Look Upto In 2022

More than a decade has already elapsed since the emergence of Bitcoin and its remarkable blockchain technology. Following several years of development, numerous blockchain project ideas are now being worked on, and many of them have already attracted the interest of various people and businesses throughout the world. There are many such diverse programmes that provide you access to several decentralised alternatives that can serve a range of purposes. For more information you can visit the homepage.

The increased accessibility of various blockchain initiatives is now something that many people would consider advantageous. On the other hand, users may find the vast array of blockchain initiatives in 2022 confusing. You may clear up all your doubts and choose the best option for blockchain development with the aid of a list of blockchain projects.


HSBC is one of the leading financial institutions with a vision for innovative blockchain project concepts. The London-based bank uses blockchain to increase the effectiveness of foreign currency transactions across all of its international locations. According to recent estimates, the HSBC blockchain ledger has assisted in settlement of around 1.9 million transactions amounting to 1.7 trillion dollars.

But HSBC’s Digital Vault is one of its most well-known projects. This platform, which is built on blockchain technology, is dedicated to digitising all private placement records of transactions. This platform was created by the Securities Services unit (HSS) of HSBC in order to give investors access to information as the market expands. Additionally, clients will have access to their private data and assets like real estate, debt, or equity utilising Digital Vault.


The Walmart Food Traceability Initiative is an essential topic to bring up when discussing blockchain projects. The use of blockchain technology, not only assures the widespread issues with food safety, but also finds any potential contamination that may have been carried out as a result of the initiative it has undertaken. It is capable of monitoring about 500 different things, including meat, fish, coffee, and fresh leafy greens.

Walmart aided the FDA in six separate food safety investigations the preceding year. It’s interesting to note that Walmart’s Food Traceability Initiative blockchain application made it possible to obtain thorough details on the initial source of contamination in less than an hour. Walmart also intends to conduct a pilot test for tracking imported items with US Customs and Border Protection.


Samsung SDS, the company’s IT division, has created a number of blockchain initiatives for regional governments, airports, and healthcare facilities. Samsung is able to leverage the Nexledger blockchain technology to highlight its participation in the blockchain ecosystem. The first inclusion in Samsung’s list of blockchain initiatives concerns a one-stop solution for handling medical claims. Patients can use the service to file claims at a hospital service counter, via mobile device, or at a kiosk.

IBM Corporation

One of the first prominent businesses to concentrate on large-scale blockchain project concepts was IBM. IBM has debuted the modern Digital Health Pass app as the IBM Blockchain has already gained attention in a number of areas. The COVID-19 test results of a person coupled with their temperature findings are verified by organisations using the Digital Health Pass programme.

Customers utilising the Digital Health Pass programme, such as stadium owners, may choose their own requirements. Operators of the stadium, for instance, might choose to consider a person’s vaccination status. The IBM Blockchain and Hyperledger Fabric are required for the Digital Health Pass initiative.


It is apparent that there are several intriguing blockchain project ideas until 2022. One of the factors contributing to the current emphasis on blockchain initiatives is the steadily rising interest in the technology. Most importantly, since blockchain is open source, it is feasible to identify blockchain initiatives that align with the transition objectives of your company.

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