What Is Cooking? Shiba Inu’s Cryptic Video Has Shib Army Salivating

KEY POINTSShiba Inu’s video featured the message, “Something is Cooking” The Shib Army is trying to guess what the video could be hinting atThis video comes amid a sharp decline in the value of the token

The Shiba Inu team tweeted a video Thursday which, according to the Shib Army, hints at a collaboration between Shiba Inu and a fast food chain. The video has triggered chatter and excitement within the Shib Army, which is now speculating who the potential collaborator or collaborators might be.

The video features the message “Something is Cooking” and the sound of a rooster crowing in the background. The Shib Army is now trying to guess the fast food chain with which the Shiba Inu team may be considering a collaboration. Popular guesses include KFC, Popeye’s, Burger King and McDonald’s.

The video posted by the Shiba Inu team did not come out of nowhere. Tesla CEO Elon Musk had tweeted Tuesday that he would “eat a happy meal on tv if @McDonald’s accepts Dogecoin.” Dogecoin is the SHIB token’s primary competitor, and McDonald’s reply to Musk was widely admired. 

It is possible that the Shiba Inu team, which has been rolling out initiatives to increase the use cases and broaden the adoption of the SHIB token, smelled an opportunity in the exchange and the eyeballs it attracted.

However, even amid the excitement, a section of the Shib Army pointed to the crashing value of the token. Shiba Inu fell over 20% last week and many investors are sitting on huge losses.

The Shib Army has been demanding the burning of a portion of the coins in circulation and capping the supply to stabilize the price. 

But the die-hard loyalists in the Shib Army have pushed back against such voices, saying Shiba Inu is not a get-rich-quick scheme and the developers are trying their best to strengthen the position of the token.

Shiba Inu recently announced a Metaverse project, codename Shiberse. They also promised the community that they would be launching their own Blockchain network, the Shiberium, to reduce gas fees. 

The impact of these initiatives on the value of the token remains to be seen. 

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