Amazon Quiz: What was James Christie’s profession?

What was James Christie’s profession?

Today Quiz have the Prize amount of 50k amazon pay balance, If you answer all the questions asked in Amazon today Quiz then you have a chance to win 50k rupees in your amazon pay balance account.

Just Below we have provided all the answers of question asked in today quiz, know the answer by just scrolling down and remember it, use these answers to Qualify in the quiz winners list. We are providing amazon quiz answers from much time, so you can belive on the answers that we have Provided.

Amazon Daily Quiz Details

Quiz NameAmazon Daily Quiz
Wining Prize50000 Amazon Pay Balance
Starting Time12 Am
Ending Time12 Pm
Total Question in Today’s Amazon Quiz5

Q5: What was James Christie’s profession?

Answer: (C) Auctioneer

Amazon Quiz 31 May 2021 Answers Win – 50000 Pay Balance

Q1: Which of the following government bodies have recently launched the ‘National Nursery Portal’?

Answer: (A) National Horticulture Board

Q2: Germany has recently pledged to return the Benin Bronzes, a group of historical objects, to which African country?

Answer: (A) Nigeria

Q3: The ACM AM Turing Award is often referred to as the “Nobel Prize” of what?

Answer: (B) Computing

Q4: This animal is nearly undetectable by which of these, due to their transparent fur?

Answer: (B) Infrared cameras

Q5: What was James Christie’s profession?

Answer: (C) Auctioneer

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