[YRKKH] Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 2nd April Written Update

Today we are going to Provide you the Latest written update of Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Tv Serial of 2 April 2021. There a lots of things going in this serial which you should know if you are a daily viewer or Follower of the Show.

Episode Name: Dadi And Nani Make A Plan

Air Date: 2nd April 2021

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 2nd April Written Update

The Episode begins with Sirat embracing Kairav and asking is he fine. Dadi says he is fine, he was searching for you, would he be able to remain here. Sirat says indeed, he is my dearest friend, we have great timepass, I had seen a kulfi slow down, will I take him out to have kulfi. Dadi gestures. Sirat goes with him. Dadi says I disclosed to you that guardians need to subtly accomplish something for kids, this time we need to accomplish something for them. Sirat thinks to improve Kairav’s disposition. She asks will you watch confining match my telephone. Kairav says no. Nani says I know nothing, advise me. Dadi says let me think. Nani says my heart is thumping quick, you ought to have considered it previously, advise me. Dadi says I was imagining that their concern will end in the event that they hear me out.

Kairav says guarantee me, you will not leave me, Sirat. Dadi says I will persuade Kartik, if Sirat rejects… Nani says I won’t persuade her. Dadi inquires as to why, will you get a person like him. Nani says he is a precious stone, I had seen him in sehra and pagdi with Sirat, I wished Sirat gets a person like him, I don’t have the foggiest idea about this time she will wear marriage garments or not, I will attempt, will he concur, he cherishes Naira a ton. Dadi says leave that t me, you see Sirat. She thinks if union occurs, I will talk, live and eat very much like them. She requests that Nani converse with Sirat.

Sirat says I can’t remain here. Kairav inquires as to why, I will talk in support of yourself, we don’t surrender on the off chance that we genuinely need something. Nani says we need to discover a way. Dadi says I m saying something similar, you additionally think, I have a thought, individual’s last wish gets satisfied. Sirat says Nani instructed me that God’s choice is the awesome. Kairav says you are the awesome us. Dadi says you need to do acting of kicking the bucket. Nani says no, you do this acting. She says we can accomplish this work calmly. Nani says don’t get disturbed. Dadi says its intense to persuade Sirat, its better on the off chance that you kick the bucket. Nani says I will bite the dust in the event that it helps Sirat. Dadi says no, I was trying to say about acting. Nani says I have no second thoughts to bite the dust. They see Sirat and Kairav at the entryway. Sirat requests that Kairav go at this point. Dadi asks can Kairav stay here around evening time, he needed to be here. Sirat says sure. Kairav bounces into the bed. He requests that Sirat sing a cradlesong for him. She says I don’t have a clue. He says attempt it. She says alright. She attempts the boxing cradlesong. Kairav, Dadi and Nani giggle. Sirat and Kairav rest. Dadi goes to Kartik. She sits close by. She says way can be terrible, however expectation is correct. Nani implores get mental fortitude. Its morning, Kartik considers Kairav and goes to the latrine. Manish sees Kartik going towards the outside. He says for what reason does he go to meet her when there is no connection. Kartik sees Sirat and Kairav resting. He clicks their pic.

He sees Sirat’s sacks stuffed. Nani comes. He requests that she awaken Kairav. Nani sprinkles gangajal. Sirat talks in rest. Kartik asks does she fantasy about boxing. Nani grins. Sirat turns and is going to fall. Kartik proceeds to hold her. She gets up. He says its time for Kairav’s school. She says indeed, grieved, I will awaken him. She awakens Kairav and requests that he go, he is getting behind schedule for school. Kairav embraces her. He sees Kartik and stows away under the cover. Kartik asks him to simply come. Kairav declines. Kairav requests that Sirat tag along. Vansh comes to take Kairav. They go. Kartik asks are you leaving, I will not stop you, don’t spare a moment to call me if there is any issue, keep my card, I realize you have regard, you need to procure it yourself, this is for Nani, she is losing this house as a result of me, I will keep card here. He requests that she proceed onward and not lose, not every person gets everything, one ought to be content with what he got. Dadi comes and signs Nani to pass on. Kartik says I will go, call me. Nani gestures. Nani acts and yells. She falls on the bed. Dadi gets cheerful and does indeed, yes… Kartik and Sirat hurry to Nani. They ask what occurred. Dadi says its time for my entrance. She comes and asks what occurred, did she get a coronary failure.

Sirat says no. Kartik says she was fine, perhaps she swooned. Dadi requests that Kartik call specialist. Kartik goes. Dadi requests that Sirat get bp machine. Sirat goes. Nani snickers and asks will I act well. Dadi says don’t chuckle, rests. Kartik and Sirat return. Dadi says she is getting cognizant. Nani says I can see yamraj, its my last time. Dadi says she may bite the dust before specialist comes, tell your last desire. Kartik says specialist us coming, don’t stress. Sirat says we will not allow anything to happen to you. Dadi says let her say it first, else you will lament. Kartik and Sirat ask Nani what does she need. Nani asks what will occur on the off chance that I kick the bucket, Sirat will be distant from everyone else, Kartik, will you deal with Sirat? She says when I saw you interestingly, I appealed to get a person for you for Sirat. Sirat says stop it now. Dadi says let her say, assuming she doesn’t say, she will end up being a phantom and get anxious. She requests that Nani say her desire. Nani says I need Kartik to wed Sirat. Kartik sees Sirat.

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