OP: Full Form of OP In Pubg, Games, and Youtube

OP : Overpowered

OP stands for Overpowered. Op term is widely used in PUBG Mobile game. However, it is not fixed to be used in a specific game like Pubg; so, it is also used in other games and situations to show the importance of something.

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For instance, in PUBG there are different amazing guns like Groza and AWM that are extremely incredible and ruinous. In this way, based on their force and execution, the players can allude to these weapons as ‘Operation Guns’. This term is additionally utilized in a circumstance when a player overwhelms the foe effectively or shows amazing win or hardest win. In such circumstances, one can say ‘Operation’ or ‘Operation Gameplay’ to see the value in the exhibition.

Moreover, we can say that OP is a state or condition when somebody or a character arrives at its top as far as boundless endurance, the ability to annihilate planets that no reprobate can surpass.

Various kinds of OP

Strength and ability to annihilate isn’t the lone thing that makes a character OP. Different circumstances or states where we can utilize OP for a character are recorded underneath:

Knowledge: It is the force of brain which is a typical type of OP. It very well may be utilized for characters or individuals who are excessively savvy, for example a shrewd programmer can handle world’s weapons frameworks and push down the nations to the edge of total collapse and a savvy criminal who consistently stays one stage away from the police, and so forth

Karma: It is a one of a kind sort of OP that isn’t loved with knowledge or strength. For instance, in computer games, you might be fortunate enough in getting uncommon things, weapons and getting away from harm, mishap, assault, and so forth

Feeling: It can be viewed as a most remarkable type of OP that expands the force of somebody who is as of now solid, incredible and clever. For instance, a male character in shounen anime gets more forceful and amazing while at the same time seeing the reprobate killing his friends and family.


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