At present, the virtual economy has become a very particular aspect in the lives of celebrities, especially in the young population, which is saturated in social media with advertisements for them.

Cryptocurrencies have become so present in everyday life that it is now very usual to speak the technical language, where the word bitcoins, Ethereum, and cryptocurrency are common words in the personal dialect. Which is available at Ethereum Code – Official Site.

Over the last few years, cryptocurrencies have been adopted as the means of payment and investment in the virtual economy, despite their instability in value and the decentralization that characterizes them.

Crypto, reality, or fanatic currents

These aspects have allowed advertising speculation to be created by world-renowned celebrities, favoring these virtual currencies to attract investors, showing only the positive side.

Many of these investments have been a failure since people get carried away by the popularity and emotion of the moment and do not carry out a previous study on the said environment when deciding to invest.

It is very common to observe when browsing the internet or scrolling through social media to receive advertisements, promote cryptocurrencies, and encourage investment and adoption.

These strategies of using recognized people in artistic media, sports, and social media have been very beneficial in the cryptographic world since it plays with the fanaticism of people who adopt the currents and lifestyle of famous people who are faithful followers.

In this case, many soccer players are currently sponsoring recognized cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin, Ethereum, and Binance, where this medium accounts for a large part of the world population, where many of these young people have already made their investments to follow a new current adopted for his soccer idols.

These excessive and uncontrolled investments have resulted in some recognized frauds because there is no control over this type of economy by banking or government entity that alerts and protects from possible losses and failures that can be incurred by investing without prior knowledge of what is done.

Spain has been one of the first countries that have proposed and manage to control this excessive advertising campaign of cryptocurrencies, avoiding bad investments and significant losses to the active population in the virtual economic field.

And little by little more countries have been added to this control measure adopted by the European countryside, where the use of cryptocurrencies has accelerated very noticeably throughout the financial field.


The crypto world is increasingly a highlight in people’s lives. It has become a fashionable style for many where some have benefited enormously, but at the time of losses, they are the most vulnerable, that is, small investors. 

They have been seen and ended up with their finances in tatters.

One must be aware and not see this possibility of economic growth as an option lightly. However, cryptocurrencies do indeed consider the solid foundation of the virtual economy. 

They will position themselves as the only currency to trade on the internet in the future. It is also notable for studying the disadvantages they present in value instability.

The most advisable and sensible thing should be that when you want to invest in crypto, carry out an analysis of accurate information and consult the opinion of experts and people with experience in this medium to try to do it only by pursuing and adopting advertising currents from the media and celebrities that sometimes only lead to personal financial destruction.

It is an excellent business to invest and operate with cryptocurrencies; only you must know the right time to start and choose virtual currencies that already have recognized trajectories where memorable profits have been recorded.

Not all that glitters is gold, and the fundamental objective of advertising is to sell what is on offer, to get people interested so that they are convinced at all costs that what is being promoted is the best option.

It is more advantageous in some cases for its producers, who only seek to profit personally without any awareness of the damage that can be caused to the consumers of these informative bombardments.

The influencers already have their pockets full, but it is time to start our investments with solid foundations and not by following currents of fanaticism.

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