Cryptocurrencies worldwide represent a new economic and financial current, which has a place and application in any social, personal, political, and many more fields.

At first glance, you only see the fruitful and pleasant part of the use of cryptocurrencies. Still, some unscrupulous people use them to operate illicit businesses, where one of the most repudiated is child trafficking, exploitation, abuse, fraud, and extortion.

Negative Aspects

Because they are decentralized and provide security in terms of anonymity of data and transactions, cryptocurrencies have become highly coveted by people who operate in illicit environments and businesses.

With the widespread adoption of cryptocurrencies, many possibilities of financial inclusion will arise for all those people or public and private institutions interested in the cryptographic world. Still, in the same way, negative aspects are increasing in social spheres, especially in children.

The institutions responsible for ensuring the well-being and rights of children, such as unicef, have spoken out intending to demand the creation, establishment, and enforcement of laws to safeguard child integrity.

Institutions Dedicated To Safeguarding Children

More than 87 countries around the world have adopted cryptocurrencies as a means of negotiation and payment in the commercial and investment field. 

It does estimate that large banks, governments, investment companies, and more will join in child protection policies.

UNICEF has sought the protection of children by all means, and cryptocurrencies would not be the exception since human rights are above any ambition and greed.

The cryptographic markets worldwide have led to remarkable progress in the world economy, providing people with opportunities for growth and economic development, regardless of their disadvantages, that can be regulated and improved for the benefit of all.

In the world, the excessive growth of different types of investments and businesses has created the widespread adoption and implementation of virtual currencies.

This commercial boom affects the child population and has repercussions on other social aspects, which deteriorate the personal values ​​of each individual. Excessive ambition leads to passing over our peers without considering the damage caused, only to see the pockets and the total accounts.


The world does submerge in a wave of excessive changes where people are only interested in keeping up with them, sometimes ignoring the consequences of following and adopting such innovations.

The integrity of children is a right that we must preserve and defend since there is nothing sadder and viler than damaging the lives of children. It is why for this year, the United Nations Children’s fund has drawn up the plan to develop new safeguards for children concerning the use and implementation of cryptocurrencies around the world.

Regardless of the profitability that cryptocurrencies provide and the benefits they offer, we must consider the irreversible damage that is affecting the most vulnerable.

Let’s support unicef in the defense that it has initiated in favor of the child population; this institution is not against cryptocurrencies but against the indiscriminate use given to it for some shady businesses and outside the law. Use only reputable exchanges like tokenmom.

They are substantial issues to control since one of the main characteristics of the use of cryptocurrencies is decentralization and the security and protection of personal data and operations; this makes it impossible to locate the origin and destination of the funds they drive in them.

The cryptographic world is the future of the world economy. Many investors are joining more and more, who trust faithfully in this new way of generating very significant profits; thanks to cryptocurrencies, we can be financially established in the future.

Investing in cryptocurrency is the best business today. Still, in the same way, we must be soaked in the entire environment in which they operate to ensure that we are not contributing to the financing of activities outside the law that massively damage third parties. 

Cryptocurrencies require your analysis and not investments lightly; a poorly made investment decision can even represent large-scale losses.

Children are the future, and we must always be on the side of good sense and the adoption of values, which allow us to live in harmony without causing harm to our fellow men.

Human life and integrity must be above all personal ambition, even indirectly and without knowing it.

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