The metaverse is a new virtual space where human life does recreate, where people can interact socially and economically through an avatar.

These worlds represent everyday life with the difference that today; there are no limitations for the participants that are neither physical nor economic inconveniences.

Hardware requirements

This world is integrated with the human using virtual and augmented reality; it is now possible to interact in some of its virtual spaces, for which it is essential to have oculus quest 2 glasses, which are light, adjustable to the size of the circumference of the skull, wireless, fast processing and high-generation graphics.

The controllers of the hands, other necessary devices, are light and adaptable to the size of people’s hands, very necessary in virtual synchronization to better experience both and interact with these worlds.

What are interactive directories?

These are advertising components that provide the opportunity to manage information interactively.

This new virtual world will allow advertising propagation referring to all the most relevant aspects of today’s life, providing significant benefits to the industries and companies of goods and services that have invested heavily in this virtual reality.

For example, the metaverse offers the interaction of significant brands directly with users, such as the case of Nike, Addidas, Netflix, Lego, and Gucci, which have included their content within the Meta, to make them known much better and be able to market their products in the future.

The music industry has also put its interest in this virtual and interactive world; such is the case within the Fortnite game, in which players compete with each other to identify the winner.

Musical events give popularity to its authors, such as rapper Travis Scott, singer Ariana Grande, and Dj Marshmellow, artists who have given concerts, which can only be seen through this video game.

Another prominent example that draws the attention of advertisers to position their advertising and interactive information is the metaverse of a game called animal crossing, which describes and recreates a world where you can have a private island in which the avatar interacts with others. Users and manages to achieve specific skills and objectives.

This video game generated much interest in clothing brands and food and beverage industries, the most prominent being the Hellmann’s sauce brand, gaining great recognition, prestige, and popularity.

All these interactive directories are implemented to interact directly with users in a straightforward way and publicize the products or services they wish to offer and market.


The metaverse is the door to economic development thanks to its possibilities in terms of investments, advertising, and profits obtained from the interaction with the different spaces or areas of the metaverse.

Advertising is the best way and strategy to make you known and offer a good or service, and what better tool for this than the new technological advance that Mark Zuckerberg has created, as is his goal. This project has promised to be a success within the economic digital world.

Thanks to these interactive directories within the metaverse, it is possible to propagate and disseminate advertising information with which users are directly related within each area of ​​interaction.

Technology is constantly looking for ways to make our lives more straightforward, placing everything at our fingertips, allowing us endless options to choose from and decide what is best for us.

The metaverse is the new way of life that will adopt today, where humanity will be able to interact with their peers and lead a life like normal. Still, in virtual reality, they can work, have fun, recreate, travel, earn, and enjoy everything that technology offers and gives.

Investing in the metaverse is the best option that can be presented to us, as far as cryptocurrencies are concerned, since thanks to this new cyberspace, the cryptographic markets will reach a significant revaluation and growth, starting a new era in the cryptocurrencies, allowing the fulfillment of all the firsts made by experts and analysts in digital economic matters. Also, allowing the use of different platforms like crypto profit.

Metaverse and advertising tools that together are the growth and development of any commercial entity created to obtain profits and economic prosperity, as well as a futuristic vision of growth and general globalization in terms of commercial popularity.

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