10 Lines Speech On Rabindranath Tagore in english| Speech on Rabi Thakur

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There are many important people in our Indian subcontinent about whom some of us know more or less or else don’t know anything at all. Some of them have made a huge contribution to literature, or someone has spread the shining light in the sub-continent’s politics or contributed to the economy. Someone may be in science!

In this video, you will get a pointwise speech on Rabindranath Thakur for kids.

It contents a very short and simple essay on Rabindranath Tagore, it helps the students and others to say something on Rabindranath Thakur.

10 Lines Speech On Rabindranath Tagore in english| Speech on Rabi Thakur

Today is Pochishe Boishakh which is 25th day of Boishakh month, birth anniversary of Kobi Guru Rabindranath Thakur.

Gurudev tomake pronam.

Rabindranath Thakur was born on 7 May, 1861 to Debendranath Thakur and Sarada Devi at Jorasanko in Kolkata. Among his siblings, he was the youngest.

He was born in the rich and cultural family. His father was the leader of Brahmo Samaj.

At the age of 8, he started writing poems and by the age of 16, he also started composing artworks and started publishing his poems under the pseudonym Bhanu singha.

He took his early education at home the private teachers were there to educate him, he never attended the school, however, at the age of 17 he went to England for higher studies.

He was not just a poet but also a story writer, lyricist, composer, play writer, columnist as well as an essay writer.

Other than writing and composing, he also used to paint and draw cartoons which came to public after his death.

His literary works introduced Indian culture to the west and beyond.

Rabindranath Thakur received his NobelPrize in the year 1913 for his work on Gitanjali.

He was the first non – European to receive the Nobel Prize in Literature.

Rabindranath Thakur wrote the national anthem of India, Jana Gana Mana adhi nayaka jaya he bharata bhagya bidhata.

He also wrote the national anthem for Bangladesh which is Amar Sonar Bangla.

He inspired the national anthem for Sri Lanka which is known as Sri Lanka Matha.

Rabindranath Thakur established a school in Shantiniketan which is famously known as Visva Bharati University.

Rabindranath Thakur died at the age of 80 in the year 1941 on August 7th.

The literary works as well as many social works that were done by Rabindranath Thakur throughout his life in the 19th century still reverberate across the world and inspire millions of writers and activist in today’s India.

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