Anupama 3rd April, 2021 – Written Update

Anupama Written Update: Today we are going to Provide you the Latest written update of Anupama Tv Serial of 3rd April, 2021. There a lots of things going in this serial which you should know if you are a daily viewer or Follower of the Show.

Episode Name: anraj And Anupama Spend Quality Time In Resort

Air Date: 3rd April, 2021

Anupama 3rd April, 2021: Written Update

Kinjal calls specialist for vehicle tire fix and tells family that technician told he is coming shortly yet at the same time hasn’t quickly. Baa says its alright as they won’t cookout. Mamaji asks what does she mean. She says she was kidding. Kinjal says she will employ a taxi as mummy dad probably arrived at the hotel as of now. Baa goes about as getting knee torment. Vanraj with Anu arrives at resort and goes to stop bicycle and when he returns, he doesn’t discover Anu. Baa goes about as having serious knee torment and keeps Kinjal, Bapujii, and Mamaji occupied with serving her. Kavya exhaust at home seeing Vanraj taking Anu for excursion.

Vanraj sees Anu moving on Aja Nachle… melody and appreciates smilingly. He sees she is going to step on a stone, keeps his hand on it and yells when she steps on it. She asks what is he doing here. He reprimands her for what reason did he come without illuminating him like a child. She gets tragic. He giggles and says he was kidding. He causes her to sit on a seat. She says she there was daylight there, so she came here looking through tree and lost her direction, she felt apprehensive, yet then she felt harmony like in sanctuary and didn’t have the foggiest idea when she began moving and felt as though she met herself. He says following 3 days, their lives will change always; he didn’t figure the present circumstance would emerge throughout everyday life. She says life doesn’t go as per their reasoning and reminds the day when he came to see her and she figured he would dismiss her immediately. He says don’t disparage herself as she likewise looks excellent. He says not attractive like him and says when he came to see her, he was in school and Bhavesh rushed to her and told that a kid taking after Vinod Khanna came to see her. He says even he saw her through window and she was looking furious. She says she needed to study and thought why he accompanied coalition. He says he drank her readied tea in one swallow and it was sweet. She says she fell in his all consuming, instant adoration, yet he didn’t. He says after Toshu was conceived, she had a shine all over and he just stood taking a gander at her. She inquires as to for what reason did he consent to wed her as she was ill suited for him. furthermore, what did he find in her. He says spouse.

Kavya vapor that V didn’t get back to her yet, what are they doing together work now. Nandini reminds that they are a couple. Kavya says there isn’t anything left between them. Nandini asks then for what reason she is feeling unreliable. Kavya thinks at whatever point things are going to fix, V doesn’t something and don’t have a clue what is going in his psyche. She calls Vanraj’s legal counselor and gets some information about his separation date. Attorney says he previously gave separate from date letter to Mr Shah who himself got it. She thinks her uncertainty is genuine that V is covering up about his separation from her and went on an excursion with family, she needs to discover what is going in his brain.

Vanraj expresses gratitude toward Anu for serving him and his family for a very long time and giving him 3 lovely children and says she is correct that there was something between them that made them stay together for a very long time, however they are getting divorce in 25 years. She says they strolled together for entire life, however she is given up as she was ill suited for her. He says she was simply strolling and he was running, he ought to have perceived her as even he was not great; he made his office his home and drew nearer to Kavya and he fell in her affection gradually, he shouldn’t have concealed it from her and committed an error. She says they shouldn’t examine about it. He asks what will occur following 3 days, he can’t deal with Pakhi and how might he alone handle family. She says he has Kavya with him and a lady becomes spouse when husband upholds her. A stick falls on her. She yells snake. He says its a stick and chuckles, at that point says everybody probably come and they should proceed to check. She speedily gets up and says let us go. He stops and inquires as to whether all that will be taken care of. She says they will and strolls with him recalling the pitiful and upbeat occasions of their lives till separate from notice.

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