Best Monero Wallet App for Buying, Selling and Storing Coins: Trustee Wallet

Monero is known as a digital coin that boasts a high level of anonymity to its users. This decentralized peer-to-peer cryptocurrency is more privacy-conscious and, in this sphere, outperforms Bitcoin. 

Read this article to know how to buy Monero, open a Monero wallet online, and enjoy the possibilities. We will show it at the example of a top Monero wallet Trustee Wallet — one of the leading applications for digital finance management. 

Transactions with Monero don’t give you a view of a recipient’s holdings or address. Monero transactions are impossible to track down. 

Where and How to Create Monero Wallet for Buying and Transferring XRM?

If you are searching for a Monero wallet app to use on your mobile device and want fair conditions, it’s time to look at the multi-currency crypto wallet Trustee — the XMR wallet online with multiple benefits. 

It boasts a range of cool features. 

  1. Anonymity and no registration. 

You don’t need to provide your personal info. The service is anonymous. So, you don’t risk any private data exposure to third parties. 

  1. Over 1200 of digital coins and tokens. 

This wallet opens opportunities to get and transfer Monero along with other coins and custom tokens.

  1. The best loyalty program. 

If you recommend Trustee Global to a friend through a referral link and they actually start to use it, you will start getting rewards depending on how active they are. 

  1. No commission for crypto operations. 

This secure storage app takes no fee except a miner’s fee. 

  1. Profitable Monero purchase.

Not only Monero but other altcoins and Bitcoin are available for purchase at a good rate. You can choose the best market offer out there (see Smart Swap technology). 

  1. Full transparency.

Since Trustee Global is one of the top opep-source apps in Github, it is possible to check what’s inside the app at any time. 

  1. No KYC and AML procedures are required. 
  2. Day and night client support.

These reasons are excellent for adopting the Trustee app for various cryptocurrency operations and enjoying its benefits. 

Step by Step Guide On Creating a Monero Wallet Fast

As one more significant feature for considering Trustee App, there is a super simple setup and use procedures. 

So, to create XMR wallet, you will need to: 

  1. Download the Trustee App from App Store (for iOS) or Play Market (for Android) and launch the setup. 
  2. Open the app and go for wallet creation. 
  3. Watch carefully the app generating a unique recovery/seed phrase for you. This phrase will contain 12 or 24 words, which is up to you and is to be kept private (not on your PC, mobile, or online storage place). This phrase is the only hope if there ever will be a need to restore the wallet. 
  4. Bring changes into the wallet’s name if needed. 
  5. Approve the seed phrase. 
  6. Enjoy XMR wallet app. 

For adding coins to your balance, go to the main screen, choose ‘Add asset,’ browse for tokens and coins, and tap on the switch of Monero to make it active. Then, pick the desired action: purchase, transfer, or receive. 

Wrap Up

Monero wallet isn’t hard to find and manage, especially if you use Trustee wallet. With this tool, your digital funds are bound to work well and bring profit. Be free to try it out on your iPhone or smartphone and see if this review rendered the truth. 

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