Is It Profitable to Make NFTs?

NFTs have captured the hearts and minds of so many contemporary stars and influencers of the highest ranks. For instance, Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey has recently launched an NFT auction. They are a real revolution both in art and finance, being a unique blend of the items from both areas. 

In reality, NFTs are an example of one of the most lucrative blockchain-based experiments in human history. 

NFTs are special crypto assets that can be neither traded nor reproduced. The best way to think of these new tokens is as digital equivalents of artworks belonging to private collections. Each is valued differently since it’s a unique item with unique properties. Anything digital can become an NFT — items for a crypto game, voice messages, posts, tweets, songs. 

Popular NFT collections and their items can be sold for fiat money or cryptocurrencies to continue this analogy. The fact of purchasing every single NFT is recorded on the blockchain just like a cryptocurrency transaction. This makes it simple to identify who owns the token at the moment. 

Which blockchains support NFTs? At first, it was only Ethereum, but now we have other blockchains that host digital art tokens, for instance, Cardano, Tezos, Polygon, Flow, and Solana. 

The interest in top NFT collections doesn’t arise overnight. Though most of what we know today as the best NFT collections started with low prices selling their NFTs for as little as ten dollars or near, the consumer demand drives them up. In addition, the rarer an NFT is, the more expensive it gets. 

How to Generate More Interest in My NFT Collection?

As you already understood, the hype around collections is driven by the public interest. So, first, there is a narrow circle of fans that like your projects and are willing to pay to have these NFTs. Next, after the first big sale comes around, your task is to consolidate your influence and keep engaging the audience. 

If you want to enter the prized NFT sphere and either make money or attract attention to your art, there are some specific keys. 

Here are a few words on how to do it and make your art climb up to other top NFT collections. 

  • Add your new drop to the NFT calendar

This is a free way to make your recent release known. The submission is free, and in this way, NFT collections can get much more exposure!

  • Promote your top NFT collections through social media

Instagram, Discord, Twitter, and Medium are popular places to hook the readers with the NFT new’s and showcase the fresh drops. Creative and funny teasers usually work best to create dense anticipation.

  • Go into the word of mouth

Having friends and colleagues support and share your top NFT artworks will soon expand the community of fans and hence, the sales.

  • Get into the ‘Featured’ section on marketplaces 

Many marketplaces such as Nifty Gateway and OpenSea have a special place for the tastiest items of the upcoming NFT top collections. There’s usually a countdown making everybody look forward to the actual release! Getting into this top also means they promote your collection on social media.

All in all, being an author of trending, return generating, and top selling NFT collections is fun and interesting but it also includes some work. To boast some of your art, see TopNFTCollections with its top NFT set ratings and updates on how well they are selling. 


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