Charmsukh Toilet Love Web Series (2021) Ullu: Cast, Release Date

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Charmsukh Toilet Love is an Indian web series from Ullu. The Hindi language web series will release on 18 June 2021. It is available on the official website and Ullu app to watch online. Nisha plays the lead cast in the series. This is also known as the Toilet Love web series.


The plot revolves around a young couple. They have a tough time meeting and spend time. The girl finds a new way to meet her lover. Things take a turn as they get locked from outside. Can they escape from the trap?

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Ullu Originals Charmsukh series is back again with an exciting episode titled “Toilet Love”

Ullu Originals finally announced another sensational episode from its wonder tale titled ‘Charmsukh’. Fans are already waiting for the release of “Rupaya 500 Part 2” as part 1 left them wanting more. They hinted at the sensational performance of Mahi Kaur in the Rupaya 500 Part 2.

Just after the release of Rupaya 500 part 1, Ullu surprised fans with the short trailer of Charmsukh’s upcoming episode. The episode is titled “Toilet Love” and it shows the typical rural romance when a couple used to meet in their secret hidden place.

The short synopsis of the trailer reads, “Dilon ki tadap Aisi raah par laayi hai yaa hai apno ki Mohabbat yaa Phir ruswaayi hai…”

Charmsukh “Toilet Love”. Releasing on 18th June

The cast of Charmsukh Toilet Love is fresh as Ullu Originals keeps introducing new faces with every web series. However, it would be difficult for the actress as she has to match the level of Mishti Basu who made the Charmsukh Salahkaar one of the best episodes of the series.

The trailer starts normally by showing a woman getting hallucinations of a man chasing her. Later, we found out that a mysterious guy on the motorcycle is harassing her in the streets. Later, we cut to the crux of the scene as the girl plans her meeting with the stranger in the toilet room through the back door of the house. This special episode is going to be an exciting one.

Charmsukh is one of the popular web series from Ullu Originals. It will keep coming with new and refreshing stories all the time. Only the response will say whether Toilet Love is worth watching or enjoyable at all or not.

Toilet Love is the latest episode of Charmsukh series. It is all set to stream online on the Ullu app from 18th June 2021. The series stars some new actors and artists. The makers released the first glimpse of the series showing a girl lives a normal life alone at her home. It was also seen that someone watching her from the window. Is the stranger is her lover or someone who tortures her is the crux of the story. Watch Charmsukh Toilet Love web series full episode online only on ullu app.

Charmsukh Toilet Love Cast (Ullu)

  • Nisha
  • Karan
  • Rajiv

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