Latest Indian Hot and Sexy Hotshot Web Series List Originals

Here we are going to provide you a complete list of Latest Hot and Sexy Hotshot Web Series List – Hotshot Originals.

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Basically Hotshots is a Streaming Platform that allows our customers to watch a variety of Web Series, Web Movies as paid Membership.

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Latest Hot and Sexy Hotshot Web Series List 2021


Logline: A night with 2 idiots, 1 Retired Colonel, and 1 Beautiful Girl.

Year: 2020

Cast: Mithilesh Chaturvedi, Shivam Agarwal, Sapan Gulati, 

No Girls are allowed in Retired Colonel home, but boys bring over a Hot Girl for 3 days. When colonel finds out, they introduce her as a cousin.

2. 1+1

Logline: A lonely wife got involved with her new female neighbor.

Year: 2019

Cast: Sejal Shah, Gehana Vasisth, Rahul Choudhary

A lonely housewife emotionally charged invites her new neighbor into their bed. One day, the husband catches his wife red-handed.

3. Confession

Logline: A sister gets physical with her brother-in-law while she stays with her sister.

Year: 2019

Cast: Simran Kaur, Karan Singh, Richa Singh

Neha has been brought up by her sister. But Neha gets involve in a relationship with her jijaji. Will Neha confess about her relationship?

4. Skin

Logline: A vacation with a bunch of friends leads to wild fantasies.

Year: 2019

Cast: Smayera Khan, Nidhi Mahawan, Salman Shaikh, Alina Khan, Praveen Gurjar, Anvesh Bansal, Jiya Chaudhari, Pradeep Patil

Some folks want a naughty weekend. A group of 3 girls and 3 guys visit an exotic resort. Watch how the night unfolds with Fun and Romance, and find out if wishes come true.

5. Typewriter

Logline: An award-winning writer is thinking about a new story, an erotica one.

Year: 2019

Cast: Nehal Vadoliya, Shikha Sinha, Prince

Maya an Award-Winning Writer, caught in an Imagination of her writing. But what you imagine every time can get u killed… welcome to the world of Maya.

6. The Promise

Logline: A friend arranges a mysterious date for his lonely executive friend.

Year: 2019

In a mysterious date, they have raunchy lovemaking moments. In the process, they developed uncanny chemistry and the girl promises to come again.

7. I Am Here

Logline: Paranormal Investigator Sandhya plans to visit a haunted house.

Year: 2020

Cast: Aritaa Paul, Vivek, Sumit

A paranormal investigator visited a haunted house to research and communicate with the entity haunting the place along with is a spiritual healer.

8. Hello Myself Lilly

Logline: Lily can do anything to sell her beauty products.

Year: 2020

Cast: Neha, Shrey, Sanjay

Lilly approached people but failed to sell any product to any of her customers. She gets very depressed but her Fiancee teaches her how she speaks to customers.

9. Tera Nasha

Logline: A Fashion Designer madly in love with a Super Model.

Year: 2020

Cast: Dilip, Rajiv, Annie

The girl has a fatal attraction towards the supermodel that she is always thinking about him. The only problem with her attraction is that she is having all her fantasies with him.

10. Chu Kat Gaya

Logline: A group of 4 youngsters arranged an escort to have some fun.

Year: 2020

Cast: Ashish Soni, Rekha Mona Sarkar, Camboy Croc, Vikash, Sagar Kumar

4 youngsters arranged a call girl for a night. All of them attend her one by one. But inside the room, something else happened.

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Hotshots Web Series List 2021 –

Basically this list is taken from Hotshots official site. I make separate articles on this web series you can click and watch complete articles.

This is the complete list of Hotshots web series and Hotshots Short Films. All web series are 18+ adult rated so you have to watch it alone.

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Where to Hotshots Series Watch Online?

This all web series is currently streaming on the Hotshot app so you can watch it complete series from there. But the problem is you cannot watch it as a free. You have to pay for that.

How to watch Hotshots Web Series online?

If you want to watch Hotshots online then you need to go Hotshots official site. If you are first time user then you need to Sign in first you can log directly if you have already member of Hotshots online.

Hotshots Web Series YouTube Channel –

You can watch the latest web series official trailer from their YouTube Channel. Hotshots regularly update their YouTube channel with the trailer, teaser, and promo of their upcoming web series and Movies on Hotshots official YouTube channel. Be sure to subscribe Hotshots YouTube channel, if you like “Hotshots Web Series” content.

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