Ullu Web Series: Palang tod Caretaker 2 Star Cast, Watch Online Filmyzilla

Ullu web series are getting popular day by day in India, In this article we are going to provide content related to ullu web series searches included in post title. we hope you will like our article and will share with your friends. Ullu web series used to provide hot, bold, and sexy web series. So, watch these on your own, we did not recommend it for Kids.

According to the sources, the makers are going much excited to watch next web series and the trailer has been also released on Youtube. The name of the series is “Caretaker 2 (Part-1) | Palang tod”. Before the release, the trailer has gained much popularity among fans.

According to the trailer, the watchers can understand the story of the upcoming series and it will be interesting to watch that the watchers are also supporting the trailer. The trailer was officially released on the ULLU platform on Youtube and since it was released, it has crossed 1.1 Lakh views within a few hours.

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Palang tod Caretaker 2 (Part-1) Ullu Web Series

While it has gained 4.4K likes which is a huge achievement for the makers. As we have already seen the popularity of the series and it will be interesting to watch the next series. The makers have released all the important details such as the cast, release date, and storyline of the series so, let’s have a look over the story.

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After watching the trailer, the story revolves around the life of a boy named Aayusg who got paralyzed in an accident. He is unable to walk or not even sit properly. The doctor suggested his family hire a caretaker for him so, he/she can manage everything alone. His family hire a female caretaker named Shanaya who stayed with him always to take care of him and recovered him.

They get attracted to each other and soon, when his health gets well, the doctor asks her to leave. Now, the story will take a new turn in their life. What will happen next, it will be interesting to watch.

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