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In this article, I am going to provide you a list of top 3 upcoming ullu web series which are going to release in October to November 2021. Trailers of all the web series are also listed below so you can check them easily.

1. Blackmail | Palang Tod

When a lonesome mother’s friend gives wings to her desires, their bond grows more than platonic. Her son firmly disregards this affair but the mother’s new found lover comes up with a sinister plan to continue this relationship.

Blackmail – Releasing On 8th October

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2. Dil ke Armaan

The dreams of a naive girl are shattered when her apparently kind and loving husband along with his siblings torment the new bride. When all hopes of help are lost, the bride becomes the punisher and commits the “Jaghanya”.

Releasing on 12th October

3. Kamar ki Naam | Charamsukh


After multiple failed attempts of a newly wed bride to learn tailoring, her husband seeks help from a seasoned tailor Chinki. Chinki’s fascination for female touch, thrills the bride and she gets carried away by this new sensation. How will t he husband react on discovering the relationship of her wife with another woman?

Kamar Ki Naap – Releasing on 15th October

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