World Picnic Day 2021: Wishes, History, Significance, Quotes, Images and How to Celebrate

Today, June 18, is marked as World Picnic Day, a day to urge people to get outside and enjoy one other’s company. Individuals used to go on picnics to get away from their mundane everyday lives, and while it is difficult to engage in such activities due to the Covid-19 pandemic, there are still ways you can celebrate this day with your loved ones.


Although the origins of International Picnic Day are unclear, it is said to have occurred towards the conclusion of the French Revolution and the Victorian Era. Picnics in the open air had become popular in England by the twentieth century.

The actual origins of International Picnic Day are unknown, but it is widely recognised as an informal eating festival that serves as a getaway from formalities. The day encourages individuals to spend their time outside and in the company of others. On this day, many charitable events are also held, and schools utilise the occasion to host picnics for their pupils.


Picnics are held all over the world to bring together friends and relatives. They used to bring food, recreational activities, soft drinks, juices, and other necessities to offer with their trip companions.

The biggest picnic, as per the Guinness Book of World Records, actually occurred in Portugal. The International Picnic Day is observed on the first Monday of August annually in Australia’s Northern Territory. It is a well-known idea in the area, and the general population is given the day off on this occasion. On this day, schools and colleges are also closed.


We understand that the pandemic has changed a lot and it’s difficult to celebrate a day when you are meant to go outside, without having gone outside. So, we are here to show you ways you can celebrate International Picnic Day while being indoors:

Family Game/Movie night: You can put up the projector and watch a movie together with your family, play games such as Jenga and ludo together to make this day a memorable one.

Fancy Food Night: You can take this day to make something you have been pushing off for too long. Fancy food isn’t easy to make but with the help of your family and friends, it can be much more fun.

Candlelight Picnic in your backyard: While it may not be possible or even safe to invite a lot of people for a picnic, it certainly is possible to have fun with the people you are closest to. So light some candles, open some drinks and just have fun.

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